A short time ago, a lawsuit by Noam Federman was initiated in Israel's courts to remove Lilly Sharon's body from her current resting place on Kalaniot Hill, which faces the Sharon family's Sycamore Ranch. In his request to the court to summarily dismiss the petition, the prime minister's attorney wrote the following:

"Disinterment of the body will hurt the family's emotional feelings and greatly insult Lilly's memory... only a few months ago did we find out that the burial on that hill is problematic... we are working with the municipalities to straighten it out...."

A tearful, emotional and heart-rending appeal by a bereaved, loving husband determined to preserve the dignity of his departed wife. Boo-hoo. Please hand me a tissue. Will the court do the master's bidding? You bet. No question that it will. After dismissing four cases with enough evidence to indict the dictator for wanton corruption, it wouldn't surprise anyone when the above request is granted. After all, the State of Israel is Ariel Sharon's private fiefdom and the justices are but some of his vassals and peasants. When Sharon says, "Jump!" they meekly and obligingly ask, "How high?" Ein ladavar sof... The saga just keeps rolling on.

It doesn't stop. Every time another inch of the dirt-stained family portrait is revealed to the public, another worm of corruption crawls out. Lilly's burial broke the law in that interment can only be done in a state-sanctioned and approved cemetery. Included in the complaint is another simple fact: the hill is not part of Sharon's property. In other words, the property didn't and doesn't belong to the Sharon family. In any normal, democratic society this deliberate encroachment is called theft of property. Theft; as in stealing what belongs to another.

But why fret? The Sharon family's vocabulary doesn't include any of these words. Neither does their lexicon include the words graft, bribery, illegal loans, etc. But that's for later. Let's concentrate for a minute or so on Sharon's heartfelt, teary (I'm sure) enjoinder to the judges not to accept the complaint lest it will insult Lilly's memory. Yes, you heard right. Sharon is terribly distressed at the insult to his wife and his corrupt children's mother.

Mr. Dictator, let me address you for a moment, if I may. It's never right to rejoice at another's demise or offend the departed, and my intention is not to insult your wife or her memory. You see, I, unlike you, respect the dead. Because, after all, every one of us will eventually leave this world and I also don't want to be insulted when my departure time arrives. However, I believe that Lilly can't be more insulted than she already is.

How so, you ask? I believe that Lilly is seething with anger and is drowning in the humiliation of her family's corruption and criminal behavior. I believe, truly believe, that if your wife, your children's mother, could rise today, then she would certainly want to quickly return to that deep, dark hole just so she wouldn't have to face the embarrassment of being part of that Mafia family. An insult to her memory? Is that what you are worried about? Laughable, to say the least. You have the unmitigated chutzpah and gall to profess an emotion you have no idea how to spell.

And since the focal point of the suit is disinterment of her body, Mr. Sharon, I have a question or two. There are hundreds of ancient Jewish graves being summarily dug up, the bones exhumed, examined in labs and placed in museums so that others may stare and gawk at the remains. These long-buried individuals may be some of my own ancestors, Mr. Prime Minister. And I'm insulted at the violation being committed.

Insult, you said? How is it that the continuing disinterment of ancient Jewish graves doesn't entertain the notion that those being disinterred are insulted? Isn't the removal an insult to each and every one of those removed by your junta? And since we are on the subject, how many of those protesting the horrible insult were beaten and arrested by your goons? And, let me remind you, these kedoshim were buried in legal, sanctioned and authorized cemeteries, not on stolen property. But, then again, theft in general is not a qualm you so much as blink at, is it? When a person has garnered enough dirty money to put other millionaires to shame, a tiny little bit of stolen land for an illegal grave site is nothing one needs to worry about, is it?

Insult? Let me tell you how we, the little people you so easily step on, understand the word. We are insulted by your lies. We are insulted that you stole an election and proceeded to insult us by ignoring the mandate we handed you. We are insulted, Mr. Prime Minister, that you bought your allies, discarded your loyal constituents and broke every possible law on your way up the ladder of corruption, both financial and political. And, yes, we are insulted that you are insulting our intelligence by playing us for fools. We are insulted that, though elected as Israel's prime minister, you have taken on the position of a Palestinian Herzl, with a vision to create a terrorist state on the ruins of Jewish lands. You insulted us by stealing and destroying our homes, our farms, our schools and our lives. And we are insulted, terribly insulted, that you think that insulting us is something we need to accept with honor.

No need to further belabor the issue, Mr. Dictator. I think that being selected as the number-two man on the World Bank's roster of corrupt political leaders in the world today is more of an insult to your wife than removing her from the land you stole and from the grave that never should have been there. Insult, Mr. Prime Minister?

Today, the very name 'Ariel Sharon' is an insult to human intelligence.