Vatican Rejects Israeli Complaint

July 29, 2005 - The Vatican has rejected Israel's criticism that Pope Benedict XVI failed to condemn Palestinian militant attacks against Israel in recent remarks when he deplored the attacks in Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, and Britain. Earlier this week, the Israeli foreign ministry criticized the pope for failing to mention a 12 July suicide bombing in Netanya that killed five Israelis, saying the pontiff's speech would be interpreted as "granting legitimacy to... terrorist attacks against Jews."

A Vatican statement said: "It's not always possible to immediately follow every attack against Israel with a public statement of condemnation." It said this was mainly because "the attacks against Israel sometimes were followed by immediate Israeli reactions not always compatible with the rules of international law."
-- BBC News

Yes. Sometimes, the attacks are followed by immediate Israeli reactions. Unfortunately, not always. Sometimes, Israel allows the bloody atrocities to accumulate long before any Israeli reaction is even contemplated. There are times when so many Jews have been killed and maimed that the Israeli reaction is delayed in order to form a proper, strategic response. At which point, obviously, there is no need for the Vatican to issue a condemnation because another Arab-perpetrated atrocity is imminent and the Vatican needs to wait and see whether that imminent act of terror actually occurs.

And when that act does become reality, there is no need to condemn yet, because a quick Israeli reaction may be forthcoming this time that may not be compatible with the rules of international law. And then, if and when that reaction is carried out, one needs to wait and see whether the retaliation is directed against empty buildings, ticking bombs or terrorists on the move to perpetrate another atrocity. Which, by the way, still doesn't fall within the perimeters of the "rules of international law" applied to Israel. And therefore, a Vatican condemnation will not be issued.

Confused? No kidding. Perhaps it behooves the writer to lay out the simple facts in an orderly, readable and decipherable fashion, lest the reader remain in a state of confusion. I shall attempt to do so.

Dear Readers:

We are back to the future. When was the last time you heard the Vatican, indeed, any country on the United Nations' 191-member roster, state emphatically that a reaction by Israel (any reaction in retaliation to the murder of its citizens) is "compatible with the rules of international law"? You don't recall? Stay calm. You are not in the early stages of dementia, nor is senility setting in. It's a simple, sad fact that what was, is and will always be. The lack of condemnation has nothing to do with Israel's reactions being "not always compatible with the rules of international law", it is simply a continuation of a centuries-old policy of placing the Jew in a different category than that of all others. There are two sets of such "rules of international law". And the rules that apply to Israel (and Jews in general) are rules that are made to change on a moment's notice, based on world idiosyncrasy of that particular time.

One can't completely fault Pope Benedict XVI. His Eminence is simply continuing the policies of most of those who inhabited the Papal chair in the past. All we need to do is look back into the history of the Vatican throughout the past generations in order to understand that nothing has changed. The 'hate the Jew' credo hasn't lost any of its past luster, though camouflage is a current tactic being employed without total success. The Crusaders may no longer gallop through Europe's towns, brandishing their bloody swords and slaughtering every innocent Jew they encountered or sought out. And perhaps the Inquisition has long ago abandoned the infamous Auto-de-Fe system of dispatching their helpless, Jewish victims. Perhaps. But the death of Jesus will forever be pinned on the Jewish lapel and the Jew will never be allowed to forget who, per Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular, is 'guilty' of crucifying him.

The almost total silence the Vatican evoked during the Holocaust is but a reminder that the anti-Jewish hate continues to fester and boil. It is for that reason that the recent movie The Passion was so highly acclaimed by the Catholic Church and every other segment of the 'Religion of Love', as depicting the true facts. And the beatification of specific anti-Semitic priests and nuns are a standard issue in the hallowed chambers of those who refuse to condemn the mass murder of Jews. And, then again, a Pope who joined and participated in the Nazi Hitler Youth can't be expected to completely discard and forget all he absorbed in that religious order, can he? Why are Jews always so unfair? Why can't they simply understand and behave accordingly? Welcome to reality!

Let me address his Eminence.

Dear Pope Benedict XVI:

Israel is in a mode of retreat in the face of terror. As you must have noticed, I'm sure, that there was no 'immediate' Israeli reaction to the recent atrocity in Netanya. Perhaps, the Sharon government was unwilling to elicit an angry Vatican condemnation for responding in a 'non-compatible' manner. In fact, you must have noticed, too, that there was no Israeli reaction one can speak of to the recent murder of the couple on their way home to Jerusalem. Here, too, I presume, Israel wasn't willing to raise the Vatican's ire. And if this is the case, why aren't you condemning those atrocities for which no responses were delivered? And if absolutely no Israeli reaction was elicited in response to such atrocities, isn't it safe to say that no 'rules of international law' were breached by Israel?

And if so, don't you think that denouncing the unanswered bloodshed would have been more appropriate than to place the reason for your asinine non-condemnation on those supposed past Israeli reactions, which didn't fall within your screwy 'international' guidelines reason?

Some things never change. Some people never change. Some ideas never change. When all three are one and the same, evil lurks in its shadow.