Another act of bashing hatred of Israel took place last month at one of the forums and homes of Arab/Islamist apartheid incitement and racism, more commonly known as the United Nations (United Against Israel).

A so-called "human rights" expert blamed Israel -- not the Fatah-controlled and dominated Palestinian Authority/Palestine Liberation Organization (PA/PLO), its so called preventative "security forces" (subsidiaries of terrorism), Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Force 17 and Tanzim, and the sister organizations Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad with their bloody campaign of hatred, incitement, terrorism and violence -- for killing the proposed "peace plan" sponsored by the US, UN, European Union and Russia.

There is no blame ascribed to those who actively seek the annihilation of Israel and the Jewish people internationally, who openly supported Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin-Laden and Iraq's Saddam Hussein.

There's a "human rights expert" if ever there was one.

Of course, Libya, a state-supporter of terrorism, was once the Chair of the UN Human Rights Committee. Libya itself is a Judenrein nation of which Adolf Hitler would be very proud. It is a nation known for its anti-Israel hatred and incitement, one that threatened to resign from the Arab League because its dictatorial ruler Moammar Ghaddafi thought the group was not tough enough on Israel.

"The Road Map is dead. Israel has killed it," South African law professor John Dugard told a General Assembly committee. "The world is looking to the United States for leadership in this region, and the world is simply not getting it," said Dugard, who monitors the Arab "Palestinian" disputed territories for the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Commission.

His remarks came as a gravely ill Arab "Palestinian" leader, Yasser Arafat, agreed to be rushed from his Mukata headquarters to a French hospital for treatment, casting a cloud of uncertainty over the Middle East political landscape.

The United States is part of the quartet of international mediators that laid out the proposed "peace plan" described as a "Road Map" to Middle East peace, along with Russia, the European Union and the United Nations, and the only one half-way credible to act as an intermediary and negotiator. The other "Quartet" members quietly accuse the US of encouraging Israeli policies that violate the plan.

Israeli envoy Tuvia Israeli responded to Dugard by saying his work had long been marked by "lack of context, lack of balance, omission of facts and distortions of both law and reality.

"By ignoring Arab 'Palestinian' support of terrorism, corruption, lack of reform and incitement to violence," Dugard had advanced "a rejectionist myth that only one side has responsibilities and only one has rights," Israeli said."Such a myth is not just a lie; it is fundamentally incompatible with the Road Map and with the true spirit of international law and diplomacy," Israeli told the committee.

Dugard, in a report issued last month, accused Israel of building its security and separation barrier in the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria (wrongly called the "West Bank") in order to confiscate the land and put pressure on Arab "Palestinians" to move away, rather than to keep out homicide bombers, as Israel says. One example of the "lack of context, lack of balance, omission of facts and distortions of both law and reality is this stupid statement. First of all, the very reason for the security barrier and separation fence is to prevent acts of terrorism against Israel's citizen, and it has been quite effective and successful in Israel's "War on Terrorism".

Secondly, Jordan conquered the land in question in an aggressive Arab war designed to annihilate the only Jewish nation-state and beacon of democracy and freedom. In the sea of corrupt dictatorships, human rights violators, ruthless repressive regimes and tyrannies that comprise the very bad neighborhood known as the Middle East, Jordan, with its co-conspirators Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and with the support of all of the other Arab/Islamist nations during 1948, seized Judea and Samaria. A similar Arab attempt at Israel's annihilation during 1967 led to Israel taking back territory that rightfully belonged to it in the first place. According to international law, when a nation loses land as an aggressor, then the land belongs to the aggrieved party, not to the aggressor. So, either way, these disputed territories belong to Israel - legally, morally and politically.

Thirdly, Arab brethren and cousins in neighboring Jordan, formerly called Transjordan, "occupied" these territories from 1948 through 1967 for nineteen years and immediately implemented an apartheid nation in which Jews were forcibly removed. According to the British Mandate, Arab "Palestine" is Jordan. So forcing the residents of these territories back home is only the right thing, even if his statement were true (which it isn't). But one can point out that even the Hashemite Kingdom ruling Jordan doesn't want Arafat's band of thieves and troublemakers - the king expelled them in a civil war known as Black September.

How soon we forget the facts of history. Conveniently. Expeditiously. Tragically.

The Arab "Palestinians" have similarly charged that the barrier was a land-grab aimed at dashing their hopes for statehood. The forgot to mention all of the murder and mayhem that preceded the barrier.

How can such a claim be true if Arafat turned his back and walked away from an offer that would have given his people a second Arab "Palestine", including the Holy City of Jerusalem, 100% of Gaza and 97% of Judea and Samaria? Not even a counteroffer. Instead, with his power and symbolism at risk, Arafat unleashed a bloody campaign of hatred, incitement, terrorism and violence.

Furthermore, it has been argued that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan for a withdrawal from Gaza would ensure a hold on much bigger settlements in the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria (wrongly called "West Bank"). Nothing could be further from the truth. Sharon looks at the evacuation of the territory of Gaza as a militarily strategic move, making it easier to defend against Arab attack if there are no Jews living there. Presently, the so-called "settlers", who rightfully belong there in the first place, are outnumbered and will be swallowed up by an Arab population whose birthrate increases rapidly relative to that of the Jews.

The criticism of Dugard marked the second day in a row that the Jewish state criticized a UN rights expert's findings. And with very good reason. Israel also blasted Jean Ziegler of Switzerland, a UN expert on the right to food whom Israel wants dismissed. Relieving Ziegler of his duties would require the vote of a majority of the 53 nations on the Commission on Human Rights.

"Since his appointment in 2000, Mr. Ziegler has been conducting a public relations assault against Israel, and recently, he has escalated his efforts into a trade war," Israeli told the same assembly committee.

In June, Ziegler wrote US heavy-equipment maker Caterpillar to say that a sale of its bulldozers to the Israeli military could violate Arab "Palestinian" human rights.

How about UNRWA's economic support of terrorism? Bus bombings? Homicide bombers?

"The target of his personal obsession, Israel has faced a barrage of special reports, press releases and media interviews, as well as appearances at anti-Israel international conferences, symposia and briefings that is out of any conceivable relationship with reality," Israeli said.

Human Rights? Or Human Wrongs?

No surprise. Only one more example in a sea of reasons why the United Nations can not be an honest peace broker in the Middle East.