Israelis this week are expressing shock and astonishment over the arrest of a 29-year-old Jewish leftist woman from Tel Aviv on charges of collaboration with one of the worst Palestinian terrorists and murderers still above ground.

They should be neither shocked nor surprised.

The Jewish "peace activist" from Tel Aviv, 29-year-old Tali Fahima, has been arrested on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks against Jewish targets and aiding arch-terrorist Zakaria Zubeidi from Jenin. She was assisting her Palestinian terrorist "lover" in planning terrorist atrocities. Tali had been a long time activist in Israel's pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel Left.

Along with the rest of her comrades, she frequently demonstrated for "peace" and against Israeli "oppression" and "occupation" of Palestinians. Like the rest of her comrades, the real "rights of the Palestinians" she was interested in defending were the "rights" of Palestinians to conduct mass murder and genocide against Jews. Her "alliance", one between a Jewish leftist and a Palestinian terrorist, is symbolic of the broader alliance between the anti-Semitic Jewish Left and Islamist fascism, and that is the real "axis of evil" currently endangering Israeli survival.

Tali's arrest will come as a shock only for those who have been blissfully ignorant of the nature and the agenda of Israel's radical Left over the past two decades. In reality, just like the American campus Left has long been little more than a movement of anti-Americanism, so Israel's Far-Left is today - even more so - nothing more than a movement of anti-Israelism and Jewish self-hatred. Israel's radical Leftists seek the destruction of their own country. They consider their country an evil apartheid monstrosity and they are willing to see as many Jews murdered as it takes to end this "Zionist abomination".

For the past two decades, Israel's leftists, led by the academic extremists and tenured traitors from Israeli universities, have served as the attack dogs against their own country, as Israel's version of "Taliban John". Like Taliban John and the handful of other American-born terrorists, they regard their own country as the embodiment of all that is evil. They denounce Israel as an apartheid country; whereas, in reality, Israel is the only country in the Middle East that is not one. They justify Palestinian terror and atrocities (and also support the Iraqi "resistance" against the United States and Britain), while denouncing every effort by Israel to defend its civilians as "state terrorism" and as barbarism. The only form of resistance against terror by Israel they are willing to countenance is total capitulation to Arab fascism.

Israeli Leftists today serve as the Jews-for-hire, as the Israel-bashing court jesters for every anti-Semitic and Israel-hating organization, magazine and web site on earth. The anti-Semites never tire of the rush and thrill of seeing yet another Jewish leftist willing to declare from their podium that all the problems of the planet are the Jews' fault, that the Jewish Israelis are evil and greedy and racist, that Israel is an aggressor and the obstacle to peace, and that Arab atrocities and violence are the understandable response of "oppressed" Arabs to Jewish bullying.

The Israeli Left has produced its own school of historic revisionists, the "New Historians", who have rewritten history and distorted truth in order to advance the cause of Arab aggression and Islamofascism. These Jewish leftist pseudo-historians are the moral equivalent of Holocaust Deniers in other countries. Academic standards have been junked and Far-Leftist faculty members hired and promoted as acts of solidarity by other leftists within the university system.

Faculty members at Israeli universities routinely denounce their own country as a racist, fascist anomaly. Some openly call for Israeli existence to be ended and for Israel to be replaced by a Palestinian-majority, Middle Eastern, PLO-led state, covering all of Israel and the "occupied territories". Were such a state to come into existence, a second Holocaust of Jews would quickly follow and Jewish history would likely end.

A sociologist at Ben-Gurion University recently made headlines for publishing an article in anti-Israel European newspapers denouncing Israel for implementing "symbolic genocide" in the form of assassinating Palestinian terror leaders. (Had Jews managed to assassinate Hitler in 1943, they would also have been guilty of "genocide" against Germans according to this "academic thinker.") The articles of a colleague of his at Ben-Gurion University, from the political science department, appear on neo-Nazi and Holocaust Denial web sites, including the one run by convicted Nazi Ernst Zundel; and this "academic" routinely denounces Israel as a Nazi, fascist, terrorist country.

For the past two decades, the loyalty of Israel's Far-Leftists has been pledged to the enemies of their own country. Their mantra has effectively been: "The enemies of my country, right or wrong!"

Tali Fahima is not the first traitor and collaborator with terror to emerge from the Israeli radical Left. A terror and espionage ring broken up and arrested in the 1970s featured two Jewish leftists, one an ex-kibbutznik. Mordechai Vanunu, a communist graduate of Ben-Gurion University, recently released from prison after serving a long term for nuclear espionage, has long been the guru and role model for Israel's radical Left. A few other Israeli Jews have been arrested for collaboration with and assistance to terrorists.

Tali Fahima personally symbolizes everything that went wrong with Israel's Left in the past two decades, during which treason largely replaced protest and dissidence as the driving motive of the radicals. Like Taliban John's capture, her arrest should serve as an ominous wakeup call and siren warning about the dangers of leftist radicalism.