Like most of you, I?m a pretty basic person. When my kids were little, I didn't let them play at places where there might be danger. "Bad kids" never made it into our realm of existence. I wish it were that easy for the Jewish State.

Israel is a beautiful country. Unfortunately, it's in a very bad neighborhood. Its leaders somehow have the mistaken impression that releasing its captured Arab-Palestinian "bad boys" into the street are going to solve the problem of co-existence. Personally, I'd rather see Israel counter with a demand that wanted terrorist leaders be turned over to the IDF. That might end these ludicrous prisoner release demands by the Bush government.

More importantly, there is the need for "transfer" or "emigration" of the enemy out of the Jewish nation. Because, without that, I truly believe that the state of Israel is in dire straits.

When I was a kid growing up in Atlanta, if someone had a baby out of wedlock, it was a family shame. That folks, is what the discussion of "transfer" has become. Something to be whispered. Jews, by their very nature, are supportive of the 'underdog'. So the discussions of this topic are never brought into the mainstream. It's just too "politically incorrect" to talk about any solution that may prevent the demise of Israel. Everyone automatically associates transfer with "forced eviction."

Instead, I see it as the solution. To me, it's far better to transfer the thousands of vicious terrorists who have wreaked havoc on the Jewish people out of Israel completely

The way I see it, at the moment, there is a tremendous influx of Arabs, including Palestinians from Israel, into the United States. Mosques are springing up at many corners. But, we're not calling it "transfer". It's called "immigration". They've immigrated so much in France that the country has totally lost its identity. I wouldn't be surprised to see the women in Paris wearing the latest styles of burkas soon.

The only "human rights" the Palestinians want are for their fellow terrorists. The Arabs may kill each other on a regular basis, but the one thing they can agree upon at any given time is the demise of the Jewish State. After that, they'll tackle the "Great Satan". Israel is only the canary in the coal mine.

I fail to understand why memories are so short that people have forgotten that the Palestinian Arabs themselves never saw themselves as a distinct "nation", apart from the Greater Arab Nation. It is only recently that they have had the very vocal push for their right of self-determination. Yet, while they call for self-determination, they play up "collective punishments" by the Israelis, who are no longer employing them. It confuses me why it is expected that the Jews in Israel be their source of income and success. This is something that is beyond me.

The logical thing, to me, is to not employ them. American money should not continue to be provided to the Palestinian Arabs, and these terroristicly inclined people should be encouraged, however disguised, to move to George W. Bush's Crawford, Texas as the land of new opportunity. Their Arab brothers sure as hell don't want them. We know, all too well, how Arafat has carefully raised and nurtured a generation the past fifty years on hate, death and destruction. These people are definitely not good neighbors. And, after their track record in Lebanon and Jordan, no Arab country is going to bring these terrorists with their bombs and rockets into their fold.

I don't give a diddly-squat about Oslos, Camp Davids, Madrids, Sharm el-Sheiks, interim agreements, Aqabas, "goodwill gestures", truces, or Road Maps, Israel is going to be forced to trust no one but itself. Despite the fine print of what is supposed to happen in these agreements, the Arabs have never accepted, and I doubt that they ever will accept, Israel's right to exist. So, knowing that, I believe that Israel has to do what is in its best interests as a sovereign country. It doesn't need pats on the head from George Bush or whoever follows him. She needs the will and the power to do what is necessary to keep her people safe.

I wonder, how Bush, Rice and Powell would react to the question of more liberal immigration laws, in order to enable there to be greater population diversity in the United States, and to correct past racism in our country? After all, Bush was pushing for the amnesty of three million Mexicans who had crossed the border in order to give him a few more voters. Why not from a new Palestine? Hey, after all the aid he's been pushing their way, for sure he'd have built-in votes.

Truthfully, we all know the reason why they shouldn't come to America. But, how about Jordan? After all, it is the true Palestine. They came from there and elsewhere. They should return there.

The same way that Brasilia in Brazil was built as a solution for the extremely overcrowded conditions in Rio, Jordan is the ideal spot for the officially acknowledged Palestinian homeland. Jordan is a poor nation and it can build an emerging city that would be a financial boon to both the Jordanians and their brother Palestinians. In fact, it could advance the entire region. They could take a chunk of that empty country and build a nation. The king of Jordan could be given allegiance for fifty years.

They could be the beneficiaries of the billions upon billions of dollars that have been pouring into the corrupt government of Arafat and his cronies. Money, incidentally, which never reaches the intended. The now-diverted money could be used for American products and Israeli know-how. Hey, all of those unemployed Arabs could find work. (In fact, now that they would be building their nation and not doing construction work for the Israelis, they might not feel the need to sabotage the job, as they did when I was living in Israel. At that time, they would put rotten eggs in the mortar, pee in the air-conditioning system and generally wreak havoc on the construction job. So, instead of Arabs, Israelis decided to import workers from Romania and Thailand as laborers.)

Of course, the Arab nations would never agree to a plan that would succeed in taking away their use of the Palestinians as a cover for demonizing Israel. They would rather release their "bad boys" back on the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.