In an opinion piece published by the Palestinian Ministry of Information, Israeli activist Jeff Halper, of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), explains what he sees as the role of Israeli leftists in the Palestinian struggle. Referring to his activities and those of Arik Aschermann of Rabbis for Human Rights and other activists from ICAHD, Halper writes:

?For the soldiers our actions are simply a stupid and incomprehensible, and they cart us away unceremoniously. We don't bother to argue with them or explain to them; it is enough that we act as vehicles for getting the images of demolitions out to the world. Later, when the reporters talk to us, we can explain what is happening and why it is unjust and oppressive. Our comments will find their way into official reports (this evening the US State Department officially deplored the demolitions, and we know that European and other governments take note). That is our role.?

While Halper writes that he feels ?[h]elplessness in the face of overwhelming force and callousness,? he turns to the international readership of the Palestinian press saying that he has ??faith that all of you, once you know, will generate the international pressures necessary to end the Occupation once and for all.?

Halper further explains why he feels it necessary to ?generate the international pressures necessary? to force Israel to act according to his will: ?As an Israeli, and speaking strictly for myself, I have despaired of ever convincing my own people that a just peace is the way. Israelis may passively accept dictates from outside, but a just peace will not come from within Israeli society.? It is, writes Halper, ??impossible to convey to my own people, my own neighbors (good people all, even the Likud and Shas voters), what occupation means, why they should feel responsible and resist with me. Israel is a self-contained bubble with a self-contained and exclusively Jewish narrative. The struggle continues.?