The Egyptian government daily Al-Ahram this week echoed themes recently promoted by Libyan dictator Mu'ammar Qadhafi in diatribes directed against the US and Israel. Following are excerpts from the Al-Ahram piece, courtesy of the Middle East Media Research Institute:

"Our brother, the Colonel Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi, the leader of the Libyan revolution, revealed that two years ago Libyan children in the city of Benghazi suffered from the most abominable crime in the history of mankind, when foreign nurses injected them with the AIDS virus, while pretending to immunize them."

"In a speech given during the closing session of The Special African Summit for the Fight Against the AIDS Epidemic... Qadhafi said that Libya will hand over all information regarding this vile crime to the World Health Organization (WHO) and to other relevant international organizations so the world will know of the plot, which bear no mercy for children and from which the Libyan people suffer."

"Qadhafi added that there are those who think that the CIA or the Israeli Mossad were behind this crime. He emphasized that these children were transported to Europe for treatment and that European health authorities are well aware of the matter. Other [infected] children are treated by Libyan clinics."

"Qadhafi added that this act, which is a malicious sex crime, reveals the ugly face of those who introduced the AIDS virus to Africa in order to exhaust its strength and deplete its resources with the intention of gaining control over Africa."

Arutz Sheva's Ron Meir notes that the theme of Jews poisoning wells, firing poison gas at Arab children, etc, is becoming more and more popular in the Arab press. "This kind of stuff has its roots in the anti-Semitic blood libels of the Middle Ages," said Meir. "The PLO promotes these ideas in its official press, and if you recall, Yasser Arafat's wife made similar statements in a speech she delivered in the presence of then-First Lady Hillary Clinton some time ago."