A court in Düsseldorf has handed out prison sentences to three founding members of a right wing extremist group known as “Goyim Party.”

The Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court found the men, 38, 39 and 61 guilty of creating a criminal organization and incitement for publishing antisemitic propaganda online, a court spokesperson said.

The 38-year old defendant was given a five-year sentence, the 61-year old a four year sentence, and the 39-year old a suspended sentence of two years, Juedische Allgemeine reported.

The Senate found that in 2014, the 38-year old defendant began an antisemitic network of online forums and chat groups to spread information about a worldwide Jewish conspiracy to control non-Jews, with hate and incitement against Jews used to convince other non-Jews to join their organization.

The group named themselves the “International Goyim Party” and organized themselves into 30 local organizations in order to give the appearance of having a worldwide presence to attract members.

The verdict has not been made final, with the defendants and the attorney general having the right to appeal. Any appeal would be ruled on by the Federal Court of Justice.