Scene of Texas school shooting
Scene of Texas school shooting REUTERS/Marco Bello

Rabbi David Katz, Executive Director of the Israel Heritage Foundation (IHF) published the following statement in response to the shooting in Uvalde:

The Israel Heritage Foundation is in mourning with the families of the 19 students, a teacher and one other adult who are dead — after a shooting Tuesday at an elementary school in Uvalde.

Our hearts go out for these families our condolences to the close ones of these young lovely kids who where ripped away in such a horific act.

Thinking of these young innocent children who woke up that morning, got ready for an exciting day at school, brushing their teeth, eating breakfast & hugging their parents before going to school. Little did these parents or kids know that this was the last kiss & hug that they are getting/giving. This is a horrible tragedy there are no words to describe the pain of these families.

This time of the year reminds us of the terrible Holocaust that parents were taken away from their children and children were taken away from their parents not to long ago, not even 80 years has passed since those unforgettable days. Are we living in another Holocaust, is this repeating again, are precious children being taken away from their lovely parents who put in so much into them?

We at the Israel Heritage Foundation are begging our dear administrators at the White House & to all high officials in the USA please don't let this story pass please let's do something together that this will not repeat itself. We are not siding with any political controversies we are just asking to all officials in the entire America please let's put our differences aside & please let's work together to stop these vicious acts. Of course let's not forget to pray & beg the almighty to watch over us & over our lovely children that they go to & come home from school in harmony, peace, safe & secure Amen!