Illegal Palestinian Arab outpost
Illegal Palestinian Arab outpost Courtesy of Regavim

Sources in the opposition say that there is discrimination in the Knesset when it comes to discussions related to the young settlement, compared to discussions related to illegal Palestinian Arab outposts.

The anger over the issue arose after the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee was quick to schedule a discussion for Monday on connecting Palestinian Arab communities in Area C to the Water Authority, following an urgent request made this week by MKs Mossi Raz (Meretz), Osama Saadi (Joint List), Iman Khatib Yassin (Ra’am) and Ibtisam Mara'ana (Labor).

At the same time, a discussion on the issue of young settlements was held this week, more than six months after it was requested by Knesset members.

The decision to advance the proposal on the Palestinian issue was made in the Knesset presidency, where, naturally, the coalition has a majority.

Sources in Judea and Samaria wondered in a conversation with Israel National News whether the quick debate is part of the promises made to MKs from Ra’am in exchange for their agreeing to remain in the coalition, and also part of the promises made to the Joint List in exchange for their assistance to the coalition.