Consul General of Israel in New York, Asaf Zamir, shared insights on the increase of antisemitism in the United States at the Jerusalem Conference led by Arutz Sheva on Sunday in Manhattan.

Zamir began by addressing Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s (D-14) recent stance against Israel following the death of a Palestinian journalist.

He said, “Look, I usually don't dip into names. I did it anyway this time and I tweeted about it. There's a certain accountability needed by elected officials. We are a few weeks into this and it's still unclear where it came from. In light of not getting any cooperation, I would expect elected officials to ask the same from Palestinians.”

“Being upset about the death of anyone is ok. It's ok and legitimate and acceptable to be upset about it. If you think you know better than Palestinian coroners, then you have an issue.”

Regarding the recent rise in antisemitism, Zamir attributes this to the spread of anti-Jewish speech and hate on college campuses. He said, “When you look at antisemitism in the US and where it starts, college is the place of this new brand of antisemitism.”

“The outcome is either frightened Jewish kids running around the campus & not saying the things they want, or they see Israel as a burden, socially and politically.”