Abortion ISTOCK

If you thought the Democrats learned their lesson when they put up Biden for president, think again. They're shooting themselves in the foot once more by using the abortion Issue as their chief rallying cry to win the next election. Good luck!

And to prove the point in stupidity, they're even calling their terror squads on to the streets to intimidate Supreme Court justices in their private homes in order to threaten them to retain Roe as the law of the land. It won't work. At least we hope so.

Just after the government forced tens of millions of Americans to be vaccinated against Covid, which at least was the cause of millions of deaths worldwide so there was some justification, these same people in power are now touting the pro-abortion hypocritically simplistic mantra, "A woman is in charge of her body." Or, as Margaret Sanger, the radical founder of Planned Parenthood put it, “No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body.”

You can't have it both ways. But that's exactly what those in favor of choice are doing. They want to have the power of terminating life within their bodies. We call that, "murder" except under extenuating circumstances. And they will run on this issue in November of 2022 because they have nothing to offer in the way of "successes" since Biden occupied his office in 2020.

The question is, will a majority of Americans see through their smokescreen? Most recently, young families have been hit with the sudden extreme shortages of baby formula. The once readily available staple for young families is missing from the shelves, leaving them hapless and helpless in feeding their babies. We're not yet sure of the reason for this vital shortage, but the government will surely be held to blame, hopefully by young Democrat families.

Why wasn't this problem brought to their attention before it reached the critical point? Perhaps it was, but got lost in the panic over how to help Ukraine or how and where to place millions of illegals who are welcomed over our southern border. Surely points the Republicans will use for votes.

Will the abortion issue override America's panic over massive inflation and rising prices at the pump? Other hanging problems are also of concern to voters. How about the explosion of crime throughout the country? Rising fuel, home and rental costs? When will the story of Hunter laptop mystery explode? Will the public finally awaken to the lack of energy, inability to focus and the obvious, hidden, growing health issues of Biden? What accomplishments and wins of President Biden can they tout? What concrete achievements of his can they campaign on? They appear to be throwing all of their weight on the issue of abortion, hoping it will generate enough interest to get their people out to vote.

We're concerned that the leaders of the Democrat Party will succumb to the tactics and strategies of their little radical group, led by the likes of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayannah Pressley and AOC, who lean on the loony goons of Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA and the Occupy Movement to intimidate and threaten voters, just as the crowds lining the streets in front of Supreme Court Justices' homes are now doing to throw fear into these members of the judiciary who want to erase the Roe decision.

They will be making a big mistake if they do so. Abortion is not the major issue on the minds of Americans. The current quality of their lives now is the elephant in the room. Everything is crumbling around us and there appears to be no Emergency Rescue Crew nor any First Responders rushing out of the White House to assist us. Any hope the Radical Left has that the abortion issue will be a savior to them on the upcoming November 8th, is but a dream. And a bad one.

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