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Police arrested the director of the central Magen David Adom (MD) on SundayA station on suspicion of using cannabis drugs. Two other workers at the same station were also arrested.

The police raid on the station began when three police detectives' vehicles searched for an MDA ambulance that was on its way to handle a medical case. They called on the driver to continue as usual to the address to which he was sent and escorted him. When he finished dealing with the medical case they arrested him for questioning on suspicion of drug use.

Later, they entered the MDA station where the arrested ambulance driver works, where they raided the station manager's room, conducted a comprehensive search, and at the end arrested the station director. After that, another worker was arrested.

After a few hours, all three were released, with the first detainee released a few hours later without restrictive conditions and even having his personal phone returned to him. The other two detainees were later released to house arrest and their personal phones have been confiscated for the time being by police.

The police raid on the MDA station occurred following a suspicion of drug trafficking. However the police now believe the only offense committed was drug use and not drug drug trafficking.

The MDA said in a statement: "MDA did not recognize the suspicions on the subject. We emphasize that the police's suspicion of those involved does not relate to their activities within MDA. We will wait for the results of the investigation and act accordingly."

The Israel Police stated: "This is an ongoing investigation in which three suspects who were released at the end of their investigation were interrogated. Naturally, we will not elaborate on ongoing investigations, but we will continue to investigate in order to get to the truth."