Cindy Grosz and Ari Brown
Cindy Grosz and Ari BrownCourtesy

Years ago, Ari Brown befriended me as a mutual Trump supporter who was not afraid to wear our Orthodox Jewish pride in our hearts and use our voices.

This week, I was honored to join Assemblyman Ari Brown take the oath of office in the state capital in Albany, New York. He quoted Hebrew sayings, nailed a new mezuzah on the door of his office and served Glatt Kosher deli platters to all, regardless of party or religious affiliations.

Ari made history. We have witnessed many Orthodox Jewish Democrats wear yarmulkes and write legislation, but Ari is a conservative Republican. Ari is a Donald Trump supporter and an outspoken activist of protecting citizens' constitutional and amendment rights. He opposed mandates way before he thought about running for office.

I remember a phone call we had last Year when Ari asked me for suggestions for expanding cultural activities for the village he has been the Deputy Mayor of for many years. He felt bad for so many affected by COVID and thought this was a simple contribution to offering support.

Let’s face it, I am proud of my neighbor, my friend and one of the first supporters of Jewish Vote GOP, the grassroots group I created for people like us who want to make a difference by leading and getting others involved.

There isn’t a Friday morning that I haven’t received a “Good Shabbos” text and Ari promised that they still will be sent.

Brown brings decades of local government experience as well as invaluable insight and expertise from his leading role in the real estate industry to the Assembly.

“It is an honor to welcome Ari Brown to the Assembly Republican Conference. His victory in the recent special election for the 20th Assembly District was a result of dedication and hard work that will serve him well in Albany. He will be a valuable asset to our Conference’s efforts to reverse our state’s current direction as we strive to improve the quality of life for the people of this state. As a long-serving public servant and resident of Long Island, he understands the core issues important to his community, and I am confident he will be a strong voice for his constituents,” said Leader Barclay.

Brown expressed excitement at the opportunity to represent Long Island residents as a member of the Legislature.

“I am eager to join my Assembly Republican colleagues as a strong voice calling for enhanced public safety measures, tax relief and direct action to address the disturbing rise in hate crimes and anti-Semitic attacks in our communities. As a parent and grandparent, I understand the frustrations of many New Yorkers who are tired of the extreme politics that have taken hold in Albany and I hope to be a leading advocate for parental rights.

Brown won a special election to fill the seat vacated by Melissa “Milly” Miller.

Ari Brown is the second Orthodox Jewish republican elected to local office in the past year. Another good friend, Mazi Melesa Pilip, made history as the first Ethiopian Jewish Woman elected as legislator in North Hempstead.

And, if polls prove accurate, Sigal Chattah will become the highest elected American-Israeli in November as Nevada’s Attorney General. I plan on being at that historic swearing in as well.

I feel very privileged to have witnessed history and this evidence of Jewish pride, as well as working together with a friend.

Mazel Tov Assemblyman Brown!

Cindy Grosz is the Chair of Jewish Vote GOP. She hosts The Cindy Grosz Show, the first religious Jewish Woman on syndicated radio stations throughout the United States.

Her shows can be downloaded through iHeartRadio, Spotify and google podcasts. She ran for Congress in 2020 and was the Jewish Advisor for The National Diversity Coalition for Trump.