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Spring 2022 is the year where you are going to 100% get healthier this year! However, taking care of yourself by eating right, exercising, and getting enough water and sleep might not be the only things you can do to get yourself into your spring wardrobe. If you want to look good and feel great this Spring, then don’t hesitate to try some of these options!

Sleep In Maternity PJs

Every mother will tell you that the nights are the worst. Not the nights where the baby is crying and your sleep schedule is extremely erratic, but the nights before the baby comes. Sleeping while pregnant is uncomfortable, restrictive, and filled with trips to the bathroom. In order to alleviate at least the first two symptoms that keep pregnant mama’s up all night, the pregnancy PJs from Hatch can really help.

From night time dresses and gowns to pajama sleepwear, the collection has all sorts of colors and soft materials to help mothers sleep comfortably and also soundly through the night. Several of the maternity pajamas are also fit for nursing as well whenever the baby actually does come.

So if you want stylish clothes that will help you sleep, as a mother you need to look at this collection and see what pops out at you. Because the more and the better you sleep, the healthier your little bundle of joy is going to be.

Using Melatonin To Sleep

Melatonin is the hormone that our brain releases whenever it is time for us to start getting tired and ready for bed. However, the blue light from our screens, stimulants such as coffee, and late nights can really knock our sleep schedule for a loop and cause our brains to release less melatonin than we need to fall asleep.

That’s why some people take melatonin supplements to increase the base level of melatonin they are getting, and it can also make them sleepy faster as well. However, you don’t want to take too much melatonin, because understanding your melatonin dosage by weight is very important.

Overdosing and taking the wrong amount of melatonin for you can make it harder to sleep, can make you feel groggy during the day, and can also contribute to you getting nightmares and vivid dreams while asleep. There are plenty of websites that will show you exactly how much melatonin to take depending on how much you weigh, and then you can create the proper dosage for your needs.

Give Yourself Forehead Reduction Surgery

If you’ve ever wondered if there was a way to close the gap between your hairline and your eyebrows, then look no further than forehead reduction surgery. It’s also called hairline surgery, because that is what it is targeting.

The procedure works like this: your surgeon will put you under anesthesia, draw on where your new hairline is going to be on your forehead, cut into your forehead and then pull the loosened skin towards your new hairline. Then the excess skin is removed and the incision is stitched closed.

It’s a short surgery with very little risk and a high satisfaction rating, and as long as you have a high forehead, good scalp elasticity to get a nice amount of lowering, and no hair thinning then you are a qualified candidate. The scalp elasticity is needed for whenever the surgeon stretches your skin to meet where the new hairline would be, and there are ways to get your skin more elastic if needed.

Unlike with breast reduction surgery, this procedure is almost always done cosmetically, but it can help you look better and improve your hairline for this year.

Get A Breast Reduction

Sometimes your breasts might be causing you physical discomfort as you try to move around and find clothes that fit. Sometimes, making your breasts smaller is a cosmetic choice without any pain. No matter why you want a breast reduction, it can be a great way to improve your comfort and your self esteem around your entire body.

The breast reduction removes excess skin on the breast to sculpt it to the size that you want, and then you get perfectly functioning breasts, just at a different size that should be more comfortable and appealing to you.

Breast reductions are a short, safe, and highly patient approved procedure that can be done in a few hours. For the procedure, you are placed under anesthesia, and incisions are made around the areola. The tissue is removed and shaped to the sizes agreed upon, the incisions are closed, and then you can begin to recover from the procedure.

Nearly every single patient who has walked away from breast reduction surgery has done so satisfied, so don’t be afraid to give it a try, because it will improve your physical and emotional health!

Take Liver Supplements

The liver is one of those organisms where everything is fine until it stops working, and while you can catch and reverse some of the main issues with your liver if they are caught fast enough, why would you bank on random chance? Liver supplements can help you get your liver back on track and keep it working hard at detoxifying the body.

The supplements often work by supporting the liver in its function of removing toxins from the body and producing bile, and that is often a short term benefit people see while taking these supplements. There isn’t just the long term goal of keeping the liver safe, but also the short term satisfaction of a boost to your health.

Keep Yourself Healthy This Year

You can do whatever you want to keep yourself physically and mentally fit this year, but if they are applicable to you, consider following the guide above. Because whether you are changing your body on the inside or outside, you will be as healthy as you can be and that’s really all that matters. Plus, a healthier you might even be a happier one too,