Miri Regev
Miri RegevYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

MK Miri Regev of the Likud estimated on Thursday that the resignation of Idit Silman from the coalition will begin a move that will eventually lead to the fall of the government.

"We have made great strides. The coalition is hanging by a thread, it will not last long and that is why Silman did well [to leave it]. I believe others will do the same, certainly those who were elected through votes of right-wingers and understand that such a government cannot survive. Such a government, that is submissive and detached, repeatedly harms Israel's Jewish identity," Regev told Radio 103FM in an interview.

She said there would be more defectors. "People believed what Bennett and Sa'ar said, that they would not sit with [Mansour] Abbas, and not only are they sitting with him, they are dependent on him. I call on anyone who was elected through right-wing voters, the national camp will welcome you. Take the right step. Let's overthrow this government. It's no secret that I am against guaranteeing spots on the Likud slate to defectors, but anyone who takes the step, I will welcome it."

Regev later criticized Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's conduct, saying, "We see his childish conduct, we must have a serious and responsible leader here."

In conclusion, the Likud MK stressed that the party will not rely on the Ra’am party, like the current coalition does.

"We can return to power, I hear how frustrated the public is. If elections were held today, we would get many more votes and return to power. I also call on Gantz to understand the importance of the matter."