To celebrate Passover, 2022, haredi singer and recording artist Yaakov Shwekey sings about "raising four of glasses of 'L'chaim'" with a bouncy remix to the theme song from his latest album "A Toast to Life."

The remix version was produced by DJ Niso Slob and is accompanied by a video clip employing ground-breaking cinema technology in a virtual recording that simulates a New York City subway ride.

A Toast to Life - L'Chaim Remix Video

Lyrics: Miriam Israeli

Composed: Yitzy Waldner

Concept: Yaakov Shwekey

Official Remix: DJ Niso Slob

Original Arranged: PlayMasters by Daniel Kapler & Ian Freitor

Video produced by: OlamMedia

Director: Aharon Orian

Producer: Chana Orian

Cinematographer: David Orian

Produced by Daniel Pro Management: Sharon Daniel