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A fox that bit a Congressman, a reporter and seven other residents of Washington DC on Tuesday was captured by city health officials who euthanized the animal out of concern it might have been rapid.

DC health officials said that the fox was caught on Tuesday after authorities received reports of “aggressive” behavior by the animal. The fox, reportedly an adult female, was also raising a litter of kits, who were captured on Wednesday morning by city officials, Fox News reported.

"The fox responsible for nine confirmed bites on Capitol Hill yesterday was captured and humanely euthanized so that rabies testing may be done," a D.C. Health spokesperson told Fox News Digital.

The unusual behavior of the fox – an animal that is naturally shy and reclusive around humans except when rabid – created quite a stir on Tuesday in the Capitol area.

Capitol police even warned of “aggressive fox encounters” on Tuesday afternoon, telling members of the public to “please do not approach any foxes.”

But authorities said that no additional foxes had been found after a search took place.

"D.C. Health will not be doing a roundup of healthy foxes in the area and only intervenes to remove wildlife if they are sick or injured or where an exposure to humans has occurred and rabies testing would be warranted," the spokesperson said.

One of the fox’s victims was California Democratic Rep. Ami Bera.

“Thanks everyone for the well wishes! I feel healthy and am glad to be back at work,” he tweeted. “Despite the dustup, I hold no grudge or ill will against the capitol fox. Hoping the fox and its family are safely relocated and wishing it a happy and prosperous future.”