A street in Jerusalem
A street in Jerusalem צילום: Shutterstock

When Moshe Davis came into shul every morning, everyone noticed.

“Moshe!,” the crowd would exclaim, offering a friendly pat on the back or “Good morning.”

With a smile on his face, Moshe would wheel his wheelchair up the ramp and to his seat. Ever since the accident 5 years ago that took away his ability to move his legs, Moshe has been an inspiration to those around him. Despite his entire life changing, he kept a positive attitude and was a great father to his five children.

What the community didn’t know, however, was that Moshe’s legs were the least of his problems.

Because of the disabilities that came after his horrible car crash, Moshe was unable to find a job to support his family. For five years, they slipped deeper into poverty. The stress was more than one family could bear. Earlier this week, Moshe passed away in his sleep.

Now, Mrs. Davis is left to repay their massive medical debts and support her 5 children on her own. This is far too large a feat for one young mourning widow. A Vaad HaRabbanim fund has been opened to help take care of the Davis children.