Herzog at event kicking off census
Herzog at event kicking off censusKobi Gideon/GPO

President Isaac Herzog launched the 2022 Population Census today. Around 700,000 people, representing a cross-section of Israeli society, have been selected to participate in the census and will be asked to complete a census form. The President today became the first citizen to fill out his census form. National Statistician and Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics director Prof. Danny Pfeffermann also participated in the event.

At the start of the event, Prof. Pfeffermann asked the President a range of demographic questions for the first part of the census, including about members of his household, whether he resided in Israel or abroad on the census date, in what year he moved into his current abode, and where he was born.

President Herzog thanked everyone involved, saying: "The census is a vital tool for a functioning and modern state. The population census is essential so that a state like ours, a member of the OECD, an advanced state in very many senses, can base itself on the data for everything it does. From long-term planning to short-term planning, supporting the population on a range of issues."

The President added: "I call on everyone in the population sample to cooperate, both as good and loyal citizens who want what is good for the country, and also so we may receive the best services that a civilized country can give its citizens."

President Herzog addressed the complexity of the census, saying: "I know this is very difficult and complicated work, there are many elements at play. To everyone involved in this work, I wish great success. May we receive the statistics in the end and be able to use them."

The director of the Central Bureau of Statistics, Prof. Danny Pfeffermann: "Data is the ABC of quality of life. The population census is the flagship project of the Central Bureau of Statistics. The census data provides a demographic snapshot of the whole of Israeli society, socially and economically, and helps in planning and improving our common future."