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Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has launched a campaign to publicize the plight of children stuck in Ukrainian orphanages as the war rages.

“War shatters childhoods and tears families apart. @lumos has launched an appeal to help the c100k children trapped in orphanages in Ukraine,” Rowling tweeted, referring to her charity, Lumos Foundation, which is raising funds to held children trapped in orphanages in Ukraine who need emergency food, hygiene and medical kids.

The campaign is “helping to evacuate the most vulnerable, providing psychological support to children impacted by the conflict, and supporting families, foster carers and emergency foster carers.”

Before the invasion, the charity had worked with the Ukrainian government to improve care for orphans and to protect children who are vulnerable.

The charity has been operating in the Zhytomyr region, that “lies between an invading force and the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.” It noted on its website that in Zhytomyr there are over 1,500 children who are in orphanages and are trapped in a war zone and unable to leave. There are also thousands of other children “now at risk of displacement and family separation.”

The money raised will be used to give psychological aid to children traumatized by the invasion, as well as supporting fosters families and caregivers.