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An Israeli citizen, a Bedouin resident of Rahat, was arrested on Tuesday in Saudi Arabia and is being held there. The reason for the arrest: A video that distributed on social media, in which he is shown erupting in anger at a pharmacy.

Channel 12 reported that the 40-year-old Israeli arrived in Saudi Arabia on Friday as part of a pilgrimage to Mecca. He came to the kingdom via Jordan, as part of a large group of friends and family. Now, great efforts are being made to release him from custody.

In a video taken by the detained Israeli, a queue is seen at a pharmacy and a hand is shown holding a form in Arabic. In the background he is heard saying: "I told him: 'Send me to the doctor', he said to me: 'Go to the pharmacy'. I swear my brother, we live in a good country, I swear. The State of Israel is the best country in the world." The speaker repeated the last sentence twice.

His family members have approached MK Mansour Abbas and other officials to work for his release: "He is not usually a problematic person. We turned to the king's palace and said he is a sick person, who said things beyond his control. We turned to MK Mansour Abbas and other officials and asked them to intervene and help."