London Metropolitan Police have opened investigations into several recent anti-Semitic incidents in the British capital, including an apparent assault on a Jewish man and harassment of a Jewish woman and her children.

On Friday afternoon, a haredi man was assaulted in a north London apartment building, the Shomrim community watch group reported.

Closed circuit television footage of the incident shows the assailant arguing with his victim in the building, before stealing his phone. The victim tried to recover his phone, and the two struggled, before the attacker repeatedly punched the haredi man, then ran off.

Police said that a probe into the incident had been launched, but claimed that they had no evidence thus far that the crime was motivated by anti-Semitism.

In a separate incident reported Friday by the Shomrim group, a woman and her two young children were harassed as they walked down the street in the Stamford Hill neighborhood

During the incident, a man shouted at the woman and her children “We don’t want Jews here – Heil Hitler!”