Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer
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First off, let’s recognize and understand — in full disclosure — that I am not necessarily a typical rabbi. Even so, by now I bring with me the full complement of a lifetime of credentials, ranging from shul rabbi to yeshiva educator to organizational leader in organizations ranging the gamut from Coalition for Jewish Values and Rabbinical Council of America to Zionist Organization of America and local boards of national organizations.

I am a humanitarian, but I am no liberal. When I encounter someone who is needy, I donate generously to their upkeep. I feed the hungry and clothe the naked. Certainly, charity begins at home, and I have a special love for Jewish people. Alas, I also attract an especial intensity of hate from Jews on the Left.

However, as so many pastors and Catholic priests know, my sense of caring extends to others. My law students of sixteen years know that, too. I am a true humanitarian: I don’t want the government taking my money to care for others. I want to accept that personal responsibility. First, that way I know the money is going where I want it to go. Second, I know it is not being wasted.

The most charitable people in America include shul-attending Orthodox Jews. We do not virtue-signal. We do the deed.

But don’t ever mistake my compassion and caring for liberalism or, G-d forbid, “progressivism.” That is not “caring.” Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren became multi-millionaires by such “caring.” Ocasio-Cortez prevented Amazon from creating great-paying jobs in her district, but she wears designer dresses now that she is on the public payroll.

Ocasio-Cortez prevented Amazon from creating great-paying jobs in her district, but she wears designer dresses now that she is on the public payroll.
Ninety percent of Black voters place their faith in Democrat liberal pronouncements of charity — which they call “entitlements” — and look how that pays. (“Entitlements” is a dishonest word. No one is “entitled” to food stamps, welfare, or anything else paid from my money.) From the moment Black America placed itself 90 percent in the pocket of Democrat liberals and progressives, Black America consigned itself to a new form of slavery. Democrats are the most persistent hate group in American history.

In the meantime, Japanese newcomers have leap-frogged Blacks. Koreans leap-frogged. Vietnamese leap-frogged. Immigrants from India leap-frogged. Now Hispanics are beginning to leap-frog. America does not hold back “persons of color” whether Yellow, Red, Brown, Blue, Black, Chartreuse, White, Magenta, or Terra Cotta.

All it takes to succeed in America — as in post-1977 Israel — is determination, accepting personal responsibility, and working hard. You want proof? Look at one sub-group of successful Blacks in America: the basketball and football athletes. LeBron James may demand reparations and be prepared to sell out the persecuted and oppressed in China in return for Nike endorsement contracts, but he works hard, night and day, to be a great basketball player. He never sought “affirmative action” to get into the National Basketball Association — and they won’t give it. He alternately will sell his skills to a Cleveland buyer, then to a Miami buyer, then back to a Cleveland buyer, then to a Los Angeles buyer — and always to a Chinese Communist buyer. If you want loyalty, you do not look to LeBron James. He may virtue-signal, but he is at bottom always looking out for Number One.

So “compassion” is not synonymous with Democrat or other virtue-signaling. When a Rabbi like me hears about an attack on Jews, my first reaction is not that I hope the police get there right away to protect Jews. My first reaction is that I hope there are Jews on scene with guns and rifles and machetes and knives to kill the guy and filet him like a steak. I am no liberal. I want him dead — on the spot. If perchance he survives his initial attack and gets arrested, I am not the liberal who writes the government and asks that his life be spared.

I am the one who volunteers: If execution by electric chair, may I throw the switch? If by hanging, may I push the floor lever? If by firing squad, may I have the rifle with the live ammo? I want him dead. Would I lose sleep if I were the one to execute? Heck, no.

After the Pittsburgh temple shooting several years ago, the usual liberal Jewish suspects reacted in knee-jerk liberal predictability: they who had been in the temple during the mass shooting begged for mercy for their attacker. Such people are not normal. They are sick. They actually suffer from a mental illness. It is not normal to seek mercy for Nazis of the Left or Right who have shot at you. In such sick minds, there is a sense that virtue-signaling trumps all.

Yet consider the scene at the end of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, where the mentally psychotic Anthony Perkins character now has become subsumed completely by Mother Bates and imagines that, by not swatting at the buzzing fly on her nose and face, others will see how kind and gentle she really is. The movie’s point — completely devoid of any politics — is that, she and he both are psycho. If a fly bothers you, you swat it or spray it with a fly killer. Same with an anti-Semite who comes to murder.

It is the fate of Jews that some people always will hate us. This phenomenon never will end. A tenant who falls months behind in rent will have landlord problems, but if the landlord is a Jew suddenly that becomes the gripe. A landlord whose tenant will not pay will evict, but if that tenant is a Jew suddenly that supersedes. Karl Marx and all the leading Soviet Communists who followed — chief among them Stalin — blamed Jews for capitalism and, as Stalin manifested during his Show Trials and Purges, set about to destroy and utterly eradicate the Jewish people.

Yet the Right equally obsessively and blindly blame “the Jews” for such vicious life-long anti-Semites as Karl Marx and Stalin, and for other apostate Leftist Jews like George Soros and Bernie Sanders who affiliate hand-in-hand almost exclusively with Jew-haters like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and the Black Supremacist crowd.

The anti-Semite on the Left points to Rothschild as the cause of all capitalist injustice, and the other on the Right to Trotsky as the quintessential Jew. So Alisa Rosenbaum changed her name to Ayn Rand, Betty Perske to Lauren Bacall, and Bernie Schwartz to Tony Curtis — just to get an even break. Or, as Rodney Dangerfield would have said, to get some respect. (Yes, he began as Jacob Cohen.)

You show me a college whose student government has voted for BDS Jew-hatred, and I’ll show you a college with a full-time highly salaried Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness.
For American Jews today, our best friends are found among deeply conservative Protestant Christians and devout Catholics. Our worst enemies enjoy their own equal top billing: haters among White supremacists, Black supremacists like Black Lives Matter founders, and Islamists who hate and murder everyone including other Islamists in competing factions. Historically, Jews encountered centuries of hate from the Right (tsars, kaisers, sultans, theological clerics), so Jews became especially wary of the Right. They simply never had encountered the other political expression, so the non-Orthodox imagined that the Left would be better. Orthodox Jews always knew better.

From the very moment that Leninist-Stalinist Communism appeared, it became equally clear that Left ideology also has no room for Jews. A half century of Soviet Jewish experience so testifies, and that is why a million of them fled to Israel the moment Mother Russia’s walls were punctured.

We Jews who actually understand authentic Judaism do not identify as bourgeoisie or proletarians. Here in America, we do not fit in with the Intersectionalism of the Left — Blacks, Muslims, LGBTQIAs. We are Jews, despised by them all. The leaders of the Women’s March had no room for Jews. “Dyke” parades ban Jewish symbols. When the Left speaks their lies about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness, they “include” Jews out and “diversify” Jews out. We know that.

You show me a college whose student government has voted for BDS Jew-hatred, and I’ll show you a college with a full-time highly salaried Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness.

So it is hardly surprising that, even as the media lie about a supposed prevalence of “Islamophobia” and the Democrats adopt policies to “combat Islamophobia,” it all is one more Russia Hoax and January 6 Insurrection Hoax. FBI data are clear: the only overriding form of religious hatred that remains prevalent in the U.S. is Jew-hatred. Hundreds of millions of non-Jews in America either love us or simply do not pay us special attention. Both approaches are appreciated equally.

But the sick minds of haters fixate on us. Black haters, like the ones who dominate so much contemporary anti-Semitism, like the ones who shot Jews in Jersey City and Monsey, New York, and who beat up Jews on the Brooklyn streets of Williamsburg and Crown Heights, fixate on us just as do the mentally ill White supremacists like those who shot up Pittsburgh and Poway. Both those groups are in league with the sort of Muslims like the filth who recently caused grief at the reform temple in Texas, reminiscent of his fellow “workplace violence” Muslim extremist who murdered 13 American soldiers and wounded 31 others at Fort Hood during the Obama years.

It did not matter a whit to that Muslim Arab Jew-hater that the rabbi he held hostage actually had signed a public letter attacking Israel’s Jewish rights to sovereignty in Judea and Samaria.

Those who murder Jews they target as Jews need to have their day in court and, if found guilty, be executed rapidly. Abraham Lincoln was murdered April 1, 1865. Eight were tried and found guilty on June 30. Four were hanged on July 7.James Garfield died of an assassin’s bullet on September 19, 1881. His murderer was convicted January 25, 1882. After his appeal was rejected, he was hanged June 30, 1882. Punishment of those who murder Jews should be that certain, swift, and complete today not only in America but also in Israel. They should not be harbored forever in prison, to procreate children of terrorists and to wait patiently until they ultimately are set free in disproportionate exchanges for the Jewish deceased whom Hamas hold hostage with full knowledge that Israel eventually will cave.
I volunteer to throw the switch.
Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer is Contributing Editor at The American Spectator, adjunct professor of law at two prominent Southern California law schools, Senior Rabbinic Fellow at the Coalition for Jewish Values, rabbi of Young Israel of Orange County, California, and has held prominent leadership roles in several national rabbinic and other Jewish organizations. He was Chief Articles Editor of UCLA Law Review, clerked for the Hon. Danny J. Boggs in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, and served six years on the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America. His writings have appeared in The Weekly Standard, National Review, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Jerusalem Post, Israel Hayom, and The Jewish Press. Other writings are collected at www.rabbidov.com .Adapted by the writer for Arutz Sheva from a version of this article that first appeared here in The American Spectator.