Esther Pollard
Esther Pollard Flash 90

Officials from the President's Residence handed Jonathan Pollard a letter from President Isaac Herzog in which the President expressed his sorrow and condolences over the death of his wife Esther last week.

In his letter, the President wrote, "I pray that you will be able to find comfort in the warm place reserved for Esther and her work in the hearts of the citizens of Israel."

Herzog said that Esther had "demonstrated the power of determination, true faith, and unparalleled love and commitment."

Jonathan asked the officials to thank the president for his warm words and added and expressed to the people of the Presidents Residence the gratitude Esther had for Herzog's support during his tenure as an MK for the struggle for his release, including his calling on then-President Shimon Peres to dedicate the end of his term to securing Pollard's release and bringing him to Israel. Jonathan showed the president's officials a picture of him from the same campaign and asked them to convey a personal thank you to the president, both in his name and in Esther's name.