Trumpצילום: רויטרס

Through very good sources close to President Donald J. Trump, I know tht he is angry at the Jewish community for giving him only 25% of our vote in 2020.

The other 75% of the Jewish vote hasn’t been working out very well for American Jews.

It’s truly amazing that after a synagogue, whose Rabbi and most of the congregants probably voted for Biden and down ticket Democrats, are held hostage, we are told by the FBI that they were not targets for being Jews until after criticism by public leaders - and two days later.

Is the FBI being completely transparent here in terms of releasing information? Why aren’t they concerned about CAIR’s activities connected to the terrorist and attacker connected to the hostage situation?

Right away, the administration and fake news talking points pivoted to the use of a gun and taking away our second amendment rights.

Reform Rabbi Charlie Walker welcomes all who enter into the congregation, from interfaith families to LGBT individuals and families to those who identify as seeking to find a spiritual home in Judaism, along with all others. In the community, he has developed positive relationships with local school districts and has organized interfaith gatherings including National Day of Prayer events and a memorial service on the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

Inflation, high crime, lack of jobs, discrimination in the workplace and for educational spots based on our merit have been taken over by Black Lives Matter and an unprecedented trend toward eliminating every constitutional and biblical freedom we cherished for hundreds of years all are targeted in ways in never imagined.

When we watch “The Ten Commandments” and relate to Moses getting the tablets on Mount Sinai, as we read in shul this Shabbatr,, did we ever think we would see the day where "you shall not murder, steal, not tell the truth or envy" would be challenged or even thought of? Where ae common sense and decency?

Did we ever imagine the day, especially after Kristallnacht, that a government, especially a democracy, would have elected public figures actually stand at a podium and tell the press that it is OK to ransack a store because that person was less fortunate?

To add insult to injury, as discussed in my previous blogs shared on this website, Jews strategically appointed to visible positions of power by President Biden have been an embarrassment and easy target for anti-Semites to target.

Parents look at Merrick Garland and say that that Jew is responsible for calling them domestic terrorists at their own school board meetings or Janet Yellin for blaming everyone and every situation for inflation, rather than herself. Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, who has allowed our Southern border to become a third world nation, is the Jew most voters will likely point to as the person in charge of endangering their lives.(BTW, I call them Jews, but have not checked if they are halakhically so.)

A Choice

Like Hispanics, Black Men, Asians and members of the LGBTQ communities (Log Cabin Republicans) Jews must take the actions to actually register to vote as Republicans, get involved in local government, and stop donating to every single Democrat.

I wish we had a bipartisan government, but we don’t.


But some candidates do not believe that.

All you need to do is look at VOTING RECORDS and not press conferences and tweets. Actions speak louder than words.

Jews are stepping up to the plate and running against those that voted for Trump’s impeachment while ignoring Hillary Clinton’s email and Hunter Biden’s computer scandals.

Jews are actually running all over the country for moderate Democrat seats, even with redistricting.

Brad Sherman is being challenged by Melissa Toomim, a Reform Jew actively helping Afghanistan's people leave or face death. According to Toomim. “If you were to ask any other candidate, no doubt they would tell you there are no longer Jews in Afghanistan, they would be sadly wrong. They are Marano and they are in grave danger from the Islamic State.”

Fred Schneiderman, a millionaire businessman, recently jumped into the Republican primary race to challenge Josh Gottheimer with Kellyann Conway managing the campaign.

In Brooklyn, Erik Frankel, a fourth generation small business owner, is looking to challenge Nadia Velázquez with the help of the district’s Hispanic and Asian communities that have been friends and customers of this store for years.

And, yes, people do want me to challenge Kathleen Rice, especially after it was Jewish Republicans in Great Neck, West Hempstead and The Five Towns that brought victory to Nassau County in 2021.

Trump Candidates in 2022 and 2024.

Should Trump run? Will Trump run?

Donald Trump is the “kingmaker.” Almost every candidate wants his endorsement, even if they can not admit it publicly. It is truly amazing that even Democrats privately admitted to me they voted for Trump.

Jews let’s help rebuild America and be part of a “trend.”

Cindy Grosz is the Chair of Jewish Vote GOP.

She is a former award-winning teacher. She is the author of Rubber Room Romance. Grosz is the host of Cindy’s Political Corner which can be downloaded through iHeartRadio, Spotify and all major podcast outlets. She ran for Congress in 2020 and was an advisor for the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. She also co hosts The Definitive Rap, streaming through VIN News. She can be reached at [email protected]