School children
School children צילום: ISTOCK

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is considering a new plan to drastically cut the number of school children in quarantine, according to a report by Israel Hayom Wednesday morning.

Bennett is slated to hold deliberations in the coming days with senior Health Ministry officials regarding preparations in the education system for mass on-campus testing, in a bid to limit the use of quarantine for school children.

With the Omicron wave expected to peak within the next week to 10 days and then go into decline, health and education officials are weighing options for enabling children to remain in school full time, with minimal disruptions.

One plan under consideration, dubbed ‘Test-and-Learn’, would include mass on-site testing of children at their schools using rapid antigen tests. If implemented, children testing positive for COVID would go into quarantine, but their asymptomatic classmates would be allowed to continue their in-person studies, regardless of vaccination status.

According to a report Wednesday morning by Kan, the Health Ministry is considering implementing the plan starting next week.

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