Mickey Levy
Mickey Levy Flash90

Knesset Speaker MK Mickey Levy on Wednesday phoned his colleague Vyacheslav Volodin, the Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Levy said of the conversation: "I am pleased to see how the relationship between our parliaments has grown, reaching new highs of cooperation and friendship as we celebrate 30 years of diplomatic relations between our nations."

"Unfortunately, Speaker Volodin’s visit to Israel was postponed, but I still look forward to hosting him and underscoring our friendship's importance. I accept his invitation to visit Moscow and hope to visit soon."

He also noted, "In two weeks the world will mark the International Holocaust Memorial Day. I expressed my people’s gratitude to the Red Army’s sacrifice, commitment and crucial role in liberating Europe from Nazism and stopping the systematic extermination of the Jewish people."

Levy also stressed regarding Iran: “The ayatollah regime’s malicious intentions in the Middle East and its continued involvement and entrenchment in Syria is destructive and contributes to regional instability."