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When Konstantin Eggert, former deputy editor of the Russian newspaper Izvestia and radio Kommersant, correspondent of the BBC from Moscow and columnist of the Financial Times, resigned from the famous think tank Chatham House in London for its having awarded an award to Melina Abdullah, founder of Black Lives Matter, he did it with a spectacular letter-testimony. “There is no need for a Gulag today to enforce conformity,” Eggert wrote.

An academic at Mount Royal University in Canada knows something about this. She has just been fired for criticizing Black Lives Matter, the National Post tells. Frances Widdowson, a professor in the Calgary University Department of Economics, Justice and Political Studies, confirmed she was fired in December. Widdowson said she wasn't surprised by the move, but she was shocked "at how badly the university has deteriorated over the past year and a half."

The professor, who has been teaching at the university since 2008, was targeted when she claimed that the Black Lives Matter movement "destroyed the university". A petition calling for her dismissal has more than 6,000 signatures. In a long interview, Widdowson explained that today to criticize the LGBT movement and the new anti-racism means that one immediately finds oneself in a "forbidden zone" of thought.

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It would be stupid and shortsighted to think that this is an isolated case or an administration of the mentally ill.

-Zac Kriegman had the ideal curriculum: a business degree, a PhD from Harvard and years of startup and consulting experience. He has spent the past six years at Thomson Reuters Corporation, the international media conglomerate that owns Reuters. In early 2020, Kriegman had assumed the title of Director of Data Science.

-As he tells the City Journal this week, Kriegman was attacked by colleagues and fired via email. He had committed an unforgivable crime: criticizing Black Lives Matter on the company's internal communications forum. Driven by what he called a "moral obligation" to speak up, Kriegman refused to celebrate the black supremacist fiction and "diversity and inclusion" programs of his he company; on the contrary, he argued that Reuters was exhibiting political bias. Asked to "reform his thoughts", Kriegman refused and they fired him.

-The director of a leading American academic publication, Harald Uhlig of the University of Chicago, the best-known German economist in the United States, for criticizing Black Lives Matter, likening the organization to flat-earthers because of the campaign to dissolve the departments of police, was ousted from the Journal of Political Economy.

-Leslie Neal-Boylan was fired as director of a nursing school in Massachusetts for writing that "everyone's lives matter."

-Cornell Law School professor William Jacobson has been censored by his university for calling Black Lives Matter "anti-American activists who want to destroy capitalism in an act of revenge."

-Tim Gordon was fired from Garces Memorial High School, a Catholic high school in Bakersfield, California, for calling Black Lives Matter rioters “terrorists” during the looting.

-A University of California professor, Gordon Klein, was fired for refusing to allow more exam time for black students during the Black Lives Matter protests.

-A Vermont principal, says the Wall Street Journal, was fired after posting on Facebook: "I strongly believe Black Lives Matter, but just because I'm not walking around with a BLM sign shouldn't mean I'm a racist."

But we would be wrong twice to think that if at universities you incite for the actual killing of whites, the same result will ensue.

A psychiatrist at Yale medical school told a seminar that she dreams of "killing whites," a professor at Rutgers University argued that "whites must be hunted" and a Cambridge researcher wrote that "the lives of whites they don't count ”… And none of them have lost their jobs.

The Sorbonne in Paris hosted a seminar against this trend. The organizer, Pierre-André Taguieff, in Le Figaro, explains that this movement wants to "destroy Western civilization by starting to criminalize all its past and rejecting all its legacies. From the more or less playful deconstructionist pedantry this monster that is 'wokism',was born a conquering conformism that seems to mark the emergence of a new totalitarian spirit ".

And whoever gets in the way must be eliminated.