Racheli צילום: the chesed fund

Racheli was born 10 years ago with a rare, complex kidney problem.

Racheli's left kidney does not function at all; the right kidney functions partially at approximately 60%. As a result of this condition, Racheli suffers repeated inflammations and severe infections in her digestive tract, causing her intense pain and suffering that is really too much for her little body to bear.

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Racheli weighs a mere 19 kg. (approximately 40 pounds), and she suffers from anxiety and eating disorders that prevent her from living the normal life of a child her age.

Racheli must undergo a kidney transplant and emergency operation to save her life!

Until now, Racheli has been in treatment at Schneider\'s Children\'s Hospital in Petach Tikva under the care of specialists. Our family has been doing everything possible to help Racheli and provide her with the best medication and most effective treatments. Most of the medical expenses are not included in the government-subsidized health basket and the expenses reach $100,000 per year. her family has amassed huge debt...

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The kidney transplant that can save Racheli costs $ 250,000. Not only do they lack the resources to pay for such an operation, but due to all of their past outstanding debt, they are unable to take any more loans.

We talked with Rachel\'s mother, her heart is broken and she is almost desperate and she tells us in pain: "What choice do I have? To watch my dear daughter die or overcome my embarrassment and beg for help! My little girl whose entire life depends on this operation is calling out to you! I am begging you. She is begging you! We have no other choice than to turn to you for help. Please, help me save Racheli\'s life!"

It is very difficult to ignore the pain of the girl and the crying of her mother, We will not rest, we cannot rest, until we know that we have made every possible human effort to save her life and B"H we will be able to see her live the life of a normal, happy child.

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