The happy parents, healthy twins, and their doctor
The happy parents, healthy twins, and their doctor Lior Tzur: Ichilov Spokesperson

El Ladovich was born with uterine didelphys, in which a woman has two uteruses, each with their own cervix.

In a rare case, Ladovich conceived a pair of twins, each in a different uterus. About one in every million births involves a similar situation, and only 15 cases are described in the medical literature.

The uterine didelphys condition and the dual pregnancy both raise the risk of the pregnancy, in particular for premature births.

Ladovich received follow-up treatment at Lis Maternity Hospital at the twins clinic, managed by Prof. Liran Hirsch, who also serves as the director of the high-risk pregnancy department.

Finally, at week 35, she underwent a caesarean section by Prof. Hirsch and the twins encountered each other for the first time after having been in separate wombs.

'At the age of 20, long before the pregnancy, I was told I had two uteruses and all those years I was afraid the baby would be in the right uterus which is smaller. On the first examination of the pregnancy the doctor almost fainted and it took him ten minutes to tell me that I had a fetus in my womb and from there the pregnancy started full of worries, but from the moment I got to Prof. Hirsch I knew I was in good hands and continued the pregnancy until birth. The twins, a son and a daughter, are sweet and stunning and I'm sure that although they have not met so far, they will be the best siblings and friends," Ladovich said.