Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer
Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischerצילום: PR
The Samarian community of Chomesh originally was established as a secular settlement of the National Worker movement in 1980, in the heart of Samaria, north of Shavei Shomron and northwest of Shechem, on Route 60.

Ariel Sharon had Chomesh torn down in northern Samaria as part of his 2005 Gaza tragedy that gave rise to Hamas as a sovereign war combatant. Seventy families were displaced from Chomesh then. In 2009 a yeshiva was set up in Chomesh.

Arab Muslim terrorists murdered Yehudah Dimentman of blessed memory on Thursday, December 16, near Chomesh. He learned Torah at that yeshiva. The government now is planning to tear down the yeshiva.

I can think of only one thing in all of modern Israel history that would even remotely compare with the Israeli government now tearing down the yeshiva in Chomesh. That would be when David Ben-Gurion and Yitzchak Rabin coordinated to shoot down and sink the Altalena and kill those aboard.

The Altalena was an Irgun-sponsored ship sailing to Israel, bringing vitally desperately needed weapons during Israel’s war of independence, to secure what could be held in Jerusalem. However, the socialists of the pre-state Haganah, which would become the socialist Labor Party, ordered the ship destroyed. They succeeded. Yitzchak Rabin commanded the murderous assault. Avrasha Stavsky was murdered. Menachem Begin might have been murdered, too, if he were not forcefully taken off the ship by others before it went down. G-d remembers those who murder Jews standing for Israel. G-d does not forget.

Shift to Chomesh.

It no longer matters whether the Chomesh “settlement” or “community” or yeshiva was set up “legally” or “illegally.” That was yesterday. Now an Arab Muslim murdered a beautiful young man who studied at the yeshiva and lived in Chomesh.

End of story.

Only the same kind of sick, distorted Jewish mind capable of sinking the Altalena could think of tearing down the Chomesh Yeshiva now. That yeshiva must stand. It must not be touched.

Truth to tell, every time an Arab Muslim shoots a Jew in Judea or Samaria, a new Jewish community should be established at the exact site of the shooting and named for the person shot.

In addition, any Arab Muslim who is found guilty after a truly fair and open trial of killing a Jew as part of a premeditated terror incident — not an accident — should get the death penalty. The execution should be carried out on the shloshim (the 30th day from the murder).

If the trial requires more time, then execute on the yahrzeit — the anniversary of the murder. Or on Yom Atzma’ut, Israel Independence Day. Or on Yom HaShoah, the day we remember the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Or on the anniversary of the Munich Massacre. Or on the anniversary of the Maalot murders. Or the Kiryat Shmoney murders. Or the day that Gush Etzion and “The 35” fell. Or on Bernie Sanders’s or George Soros’s birthday. We have lots of dates to choose from.

But there is more.

Any Arab terrorist convicted, after a fair and calm trial, of murdering a Jew with premeditation should be buried in a grave with a carcass of a pig. Arab Muslims believe that a pig in the grave precludes entering Heaven. So the 72 Virginians can wait. Why not? They will be offended?

So apologize to the pigs.

My readers and I are offended by Arab terrorists. So bury the guy with a pig. Literally, wrap the two carcasses in one shroud: pigs in blankets.

If this Israel government tears down the Chomesh yeshiva, we then see what a Naftali Bennett – Ayelet Shaked – Matan Kahana – Gideon Saar – Ze’ev Elkin vision offers. We know already, but that will define those five forever — even if Israel has to engage in fifty consecutive elections in a row without forming a government.

Any Israeli government that would tear down the Chomesh yeshiva now, after the murder of Yehuda Dimentman of blessed memory, may be lawfully constituted and deserve all the proper deference that a duly elected government must receive. However, it is one more government of mediocrities doomed to failure with only one person in that government truly able to stand proudly in front of a mirror, speaking the words “Job Well Done!”

And that man is the Hon. Mansour Abbas of the Ra’am Party.

Do you grasp the difference between a government flailing about for a COVID policy and one dealing with Chomesh? No one should blame such a government as it gropes for a better way to deal with COVID. On that, the government must be given its freedom of decision. No one in the universe — except for the guy who sits near you in shul — knows what to do about COVID: not Boris Johnson, not Biden, not Fauci, not Bennett, not Gantz, not Lapid, not nobody. No Jew living outside Israel has the right to command Israel whether and what she must do as she grapples in the dark for the wisest policy in the face of this two-year pandemic.

Any Jew outside Israel who is angry that he or she cannot travel in and out of Israel at will, like a hotel revolving door, has a simple solution: make aliyah. Pay Israel income taxes. Pay VAT. Have all your kids serve in the IDF. Fly around the world with an Israel passport. Then you have a say. Then you can boss Israel around rather than sit in Long Island, earning $250,000 a year, complaining that, since Israel is trying to reduce sources of Omicron infection, you won’t lend Israel $10,000 at 8 percent interest next year when they come with Israel bonds. So, yeah, go ahead and show Israel how angry you are that they won’t let you in for a brit.: buy a year’s supply of Ben & Jerry’s, join J Street, and promote BDS.

By contrast, unlike COVID, the pandemic of Jew-hatred is not two years old, but two thousand years old. We have had Arab Muslims murdering us for the past 1500 years, long before there was a State of Israel, long before Balfour, long before you-name-it. By now, we should have figured out a few things:

1. If you walk out of Gush Katif and Gaza unilaterally, Arab Muslims do not reciprocate by electing peace makers. They elect Hamas.

2. If you walk out of South Lebanon unilaterally, Arab Muslims do not reciprocate by electing peace makers. They elect Hezbollah.

3. When you win a Six-Day War and declare Jerusalem reunified, Jordan stays out of the next war and the war after that.

4. When you stare them in the eye, recognize united Jerusalem as israel’s capital, move the American embassy to Jerusalem, declare Israel sovereign over the Golan, declare Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria to be legal, throw the PLO out of Washington, and cut off UNRWA funding . . . they rush to sign Abraham Accords.

A Jew with self-respect does not respond to a murder in Chomesh by tearing down its yeshiva.

Nor does a Jew respond to Arab terror by imprisoning Arab terrorists who know, s surely as day follows night, that they can rely on being released some day for Hadar Goldin, Oron Shaul, and Avera Mengistu.

It is time to hang the murderers and bury them wrapped in pigs. Let’s see what happens.

Instead of moaning with cries of “Oy!” try “oink.”