Lapid at INSS conference
Lapid at INSS conferenceElad Gutman

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid today held a professional dialogue at the Institute for National Security Studies - INSS - at Tel Aviv University, about his “Economy for Security” plan.

The Institute is a central forum for state bodies to discuss issues of national-strategic, military, diplomatic, and economic security. From the Institute participated the Head of the Institute Professor Manuel Trajtenberg, former IDF Chief of General Staff LTG (Res.) Gadi Eisenkot, a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute, the Director of the Institute, BG (Res.) Udi Dekel, and other researchers. Also participating were Minister of Economy, MG (Res.) Orna Barbivai, Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alon Ushpiz, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff.

During the discussion, Minister of Foreign Affairs Lapid presented his “Economy for Security" initiative and said: “The purpose of the process is to create stability on both sides of the border. Security, civilian, economic and diplomatic. The international community and the people of Gaza need to know that Hamas terrorism is what's standing between them and a normal life.”

“For too long, the only two options on the table have been conquering Gaza, or never-ending rounds of violence,” Lapid said.