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Donald Trump made himself available to run for President of the United States not because he sought more kudos or fame, but rather as a selfless and justified reaction and counter to what Obama was doing to his country and where the country was heading under the Democrats and the ghastly potential of Hillary Clinton. He was more than correct.

The Democrats' reaction from the first nano-second he announced his candidature was appalling and more than disgusting. This reaction soon turned into the most virulent unjustified and dishonest assaults that haunted his presidency from before his inauguration and throughout it. The vicious invention and financing by Hillary Clinton of the Russia Hoax, the endless attacks, the unjustified, dishonest and inventive impeachments all would have an effect on any human being. Trump showed great strength and character and certainly worked hard at doing a decent job as President in spite of the daily attacks.

Let me make the salient point that Hillary Clinton was criminally active and responsible in what she did regarding many things including her illegal email server, destruction of her and her team's cell phones, Benghazi etc, and should have been indicted, but then in the crazy current American culture, she is regarded as royal game. She has been a most vindictive and resentful politician. Maybe with the Durham investigation and the indictment of Igor Danchenko, the chickens may still come home to roost with Hillary Clinton.

When it came to the last election against Biden, I am not sure what Trump could do with what was obviously a conniving and dishonest manipulation of the voting process. The Democrat encouragement and abuse of lawlessness letting their BLM and Antifa stormtroopers run loose for political reasons was and should be condemned and be unacceptable.

COVID played a role in that mail-in voting was abused as was vote harvesting and the voting machines are still under question as were the issues of keeping Republican observers at a distance. I believe, however much Democrat supporters may argue, that on the election, the jury is still out.

How an obviously mentally challenged, incompetent, corrupt and non-achieving career politician like Biden, an empty suit, who hid in his bunker, could win still has to be honestly analysed.
How an obviously mentally challenged, incompetent, corrupt and non-achieving career politician like Biden, an empty suit, who hid in his bunker, could win still has to be honestly analysed. Of course the biased mainstream media played their part as well.

With this brief background, let us acknowledge that Trump was a very good President and put the welfare and security of the United States and its people first. On the international stage he stood strongly and had many accomplishments. The Abraham Accords were a supreme achievement. Making the other NATO allies pay their fair share was a major achievement. Standing powerfully against China, Russia, Iran, North Korea was exactly what the world needed and now needs more than ever.

Trump wasn't part of the political establishment and unlike them, he was financially independent and couldn't be bought. He brought a lifetime of being a successful businessman to managing America, which he did successfully. So some people may not have liked his hairstyle, his manner of speaking or style. The answer is that all of that is irrelevant as the main question is, did he do the job? The answer is a resounding YES!

Above all, Trump is a human being and subject to the same psychological stresses and pressures that any human will react to, even if he is a particularly strong and independent person.

Now to the comments on what has been written in reports:

1. American Jews don’t love Israel and charged that Israel used to have “absolute power over Congress.” - I think many American Jews actually don't have the dedication and love for Israel that their parents and predecessors had. It is a discussion on its own, but assimilation, subtle pressures, real or imagined, to be "the same" as everyone else, meld into the crowd, and thereby find acceptance plays its part as does constant anti-Semitic attacks. Put it down to a lack of education at home in particular.

The racism especially from Obama and the selling of him by the mainstream media certainly played a part. Strangely, independent thinking and intelligent analysis of the politics of America are sadly lacking. The sociological statistic that claims that one person in a thousand is a leader is not the significant statistic. It is the 999 that are sheep that is. Knee-jerk voting is ridiculous and therein lies the weakness of democracy.

The allegation that Israel used to have “absolute power over Congress” is ridiculous and for an intelligent man such as Trump to make such a statement is truly preposterous. It is an anti-Semitic trope as old as time immemorial. Trump should have been more careful in what he said and by now should know that speaking to journalists and authors holds much danger and anything he says that can be sensationalised will be used, especially if it helps sell books.

Just touching on this statement briefly, I am sure over the years, people and organisations with influence, donations, lobbying played a part in getting things through Congress, but that can be applied to everything and every organisation, interest group, whatever, that goes on within the American political system and I need to point out the entire rest of the people and organisations involved in these activities are all not Jewish and work for their own causes.

2. The former US president returned to his frequently made accusations that American Jews are ungrateful for all he has done for Israel. - Herein lies a domestic political issue in America. Traditionally the American Jews have supported the Democrats. Coming from two thousand years of exile, religious persecution, oppression, anti-Semitism, murder, pogroms, genocide and much more, Jews in the New World were inclined to being liberal in the best meaning of the word and supportive of oppressed minorities.

I don’t have to mention how Jews supported the Black Civil Rights Movement. Thanks to the recent Democrat politically motivated madness imposed on the American culture, it is noted just how many Jews have been and are attacked by Black anti-Semites. The old saying that no good deed goes unpunished does apply. Let us include in this the Islamic influence amongst the Black community in America.

That support was well and good for a long time, but times and reality have certainly changed and so should the Jews in America. Despite the Democrats' history in the American Civil War, their support for slavery, they managed to change their public image to become regarded as a liberal freedom supporting party. In modern times the hype of President John F Kennedy created the media image of Camelot, which was actually a fiction. Blindly voting for the Democrats, or for anyone, is sheer madness.

President Trump can be assured that the majority of Jewish people in Israel and throughout the world are deeply grateful for what he has done for Israel and will be grateful throughout history.
Nevertheless, President Trump can be assured that the majority of Jewish people in Israel and throughout the world are deeply grateful for what he has done for Israel and will be grateful throughout history.

3. “The Jewish people in the United States either don’t like Israel or don’t care about Israel. I mean look at The New York Times, The New York Times hates Israel, hates them. And they’re Jewish people that run The New York Times. I mean, the Sulzberger family” - Trump is 100% correct about the New York Times which has a dismal record of not supporting the Jews and reached their zenith during WWII when they refused to report properly and fully on the Nazi murder and incarceration of the Jewish communities throughout the countries they conquered.

I quote Laurel Leff: (

The reason is that the American media in general and the New York Times in particular never treated the Holocaust as an important news story. From the start of the war in Europe to its end nearly six years later, the story of the Holocaust made the Times front page only 26 times out of 24,000 front-page stories, and most of those stories referred to the victims as “refugees” or “persecuted minorities.” In only six of those stories were Jews identified on page one as the primary victims.

Nor did the story lead the paper, appearing in the right-hand column reserved for the day’s most important news – not even when the concentration camps were liberated at the end of the war. In addition, the Times intermittently and timidly editorialized about the extermination of the Jews, and the paper rarely highlighted it in either the Week in Review or the magazine section.

What kept American journalists from recognizing the significance of the systematic murder of six million people? Worldwide carnage on an unprecedented scale helped obscure the Jews’ plight. There was also scepticism bred by fake atrocity reports during the previous world war. The Roosevelt Administration’s determination to downplay the news also contributed to the subdued coverage. But the media had enough credible information to treat the news of the extermination of the Jews as important. And the New York Times played a critical role in why it didn’t.

For no American news organization was better positioned to highlight the Holocaust than the Times, and no American news organization so influenced public discourse by its failure to do so.

Trump’s comments about the New York Times are so correct it should be ringing in their arrogant ears forever. I would never refer to the New York Times as "the newspaper of reference".

4. Jewish Democratic Council for America CEO Halie Soifer’s tweet - I won't repeat this quote as it is in itself bigoted. To claim American Jews despise Trump and claim he attacks democracy is to play into Democrat propaganda. The last ten months of Biden and Democrat total control of the White House and Congress have shown and proved that the Democrats are projecting what they are guilty of onto Trump.

5. Trump's savage attack on Netanyahu - This was absolutely uncalled for and as has been pointed out many times, was actually incorrect in it allegations and good common sense should have made him understand that political protocol gave Netanyahu no other option however much he was not excited about Biden's election. Netanyahu is an intelligent and experienced man and knew what Biden's election meant for Israel and the Middle East, and it did not for one second bode well as it would inevitably be an Obama third term and resurrection of Obama's anti-Israel policies and support for Iran, which it has proved to be. Thank G-d the majority of Democrats in Congress seem to support Israel.

6. Trump is no Winston Churchill and as such, speaks sometimes before he thinks. I would advise him to truly be more careful in future. His off the cuff remarks can be hurtful, but I do not think for one second he is anti-Semitic and definitely not anti-Israel. Let me remind all that his daughter is Jewish as are his grandchildren and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was and probably remains his chief advisor and may be again.

7. Cometh the hour cometh the man – History has a habit of repeating itself and when that fateful hour came to Britain, the man was Winston Churchill. He was not universally liked, but history proved he was the right man at the right time.

So it is and will be with Donald Trump. Unless the Democrats are so confident that they can fiddle and/or control the election, Trump will win if he stands. The Democrats exude confidence implying they know something us mere mortals don’t, or they are in deep denial. America and the world needs Donald Trump to win after the disaster of Biden and the Democrats have more than proved to be. It is actually urgent and waiting another three years with Biden/Obama in charge with an even greater incompetent as a backup is really dangerous.

There is no such thing as a vacuum in nature and the rogue regimes of the world immediately sensed Biden’s weakness and started to move. Iran is an obvious and immediate danger on the brink of acquiring a nuclear weapon and it will have to be up to Israel to once again save the world who will inevitably condemn and criticise her, but ultimately, as was the case with Iraq’s nuclear plans, be grateful. China is a looming threat of great proportions and Russia is flexing its muscles.

Biden’s weakness may get the USA into another war as he finally begins to recognise his unpopularity and may seek to bolster his approval and legacy, such as it will be. Three more years under Biden who, after becoming a lame duck after November 2022, will nevertheless rule by fiat issuing executive orders. Biden is Obama’s swan song with influencing America, and therein lies more of the rub.

David Hersch is Chairman of SAIPAC, the South African Israel Public Affairs Committee. Former chairman of the South African Zionist Federation (Cape Council) as well as a former national vice-chairman of the South African Zionist Federation (SAZF). He is also former member of the South Jewish Board of Deputies (Cape Council). Retired businessman and broadcaster.