Nuclear talks in Vienna
Nuclear talks in ViennaReuters

Western diplomats on Tuesday morning spoke about the attempts in Vienna to reach a nuclear deal with Iran, saying that the gaps are still large.

"At this stage, the Iranian offers regarding supervision and their nuclear program, as well as on the issue of sanctions, are still significantly distant from the Western stance," the diplomats told Kan Bet.

According to them, the Iranians backtracked on some of the demands they had last time, but no significant progress had been made on the issue.

"There are endless discussions, and there's a high chance that this time as well, the Iranians are not serious," the sources said.

They presented as an example the issue of sanctions, and said that the Iranians are requesting guarantees from the West that the sanctions will be canceled and that they will not be reinstated in the future. This is a very problematic and difficult issue for both the US and Europe.

Ali Bakri Kani, Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister and the head of the Iranian negotiations team, recently tweeted, "So many players continue the habit of the blame game, instead of acting with true diplomacy. We presented our ideas early and we worked in a constructive and flexible fashion to reduce the gaps - diplomacy is a two-way street. If there is a true desire to fix the responsible sins, the path to a good and quick deal will be paved."