nuclear talks in Vienna
nuclear talks in ViennaReuters

Israeli officials have sent a strong message to the United States that it must begin concentrating military forces in the Middle East if the nuclear talks with Tehran fail, Channel 13 News reported.

Although the United States does not actively and directly participate in the talks in Vienna but only observes them, Jerusalem wants to make clear to US President Joe Biden the Jewish State's grave concern about the West's conduct toward the Iranians.

Officials said they expected the US under President Biden to put up a credible military option against Iran, and that US President Biden should repeat the steps of previous presidents, President George H.W Bush and his son, and begin assembling an international coalition that would produce a credible military option.

According to them, the intention is to concentrate military forces in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East for the purpose of a significant show of force against the Iranians.

In Israel, it is estimated that without a credible military option, the talks will fail.

Earlier, a representative of the Iranian delegation to Vienna spoke about the first day of talks with the West. "All parties have agreed to focus the talks on the lifting of sanctions and that the expectation in Iran is a promise that no sanctions will be added and even to remove them all."

He said, "The United States' return to the agreement will be meaningless without a promise to prevent a repeat of past events."

He also said that "the window of opportunity will not remain open forever."