Herzog prays at Cave of the Patriarchs
Herzog prays at Cave of the Patriarchs Kobi Gideon/GPO

The official news agency of the Palestinian Authority, WAFA, on Sunday blasted the participation of President Isaac Herzog in a Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron.

"The President of the occupation state, Isaac Herzog, broke into the Holy Ibrahimi Mosque (the Muslim name of the Cave of the Patriarchs -ed.) on Sunday evening," the WAFA report stated.

"Herzog's break in into the holy place is an open and clear declaration regarding his sponsorship of the settlers' plans, support for their crimes against our people and provocation not only of the feelings of the Palestinians but also of the feelings of millions of Arabs and Muslims," the report added.

Hebron Governor Jibreen al-Bakri said that Herzog's visit to the Cave of the Patriarchs is "a declaration of war against our people and their holy places."

The current situation, he added, poses great challenges to the Palestinians that require national unity in the fight against the "occupation", its plans and the settlers located throughout the city and the district.

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