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Bashar Masalha, 19, a computer sciences student at Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem, was attacked on Tuesday by five Jews near Gan HaAtsmaut (Independence Park). The incident is believed to be racist in nature.

"About five people were involved. We went to our car which was parked nearby, they heard us talking in Arabic together, me and my friend Natal, one of them cursed us and I suddenly felt a punch," Bashar told Channel 13 News.

He described being attacked by brass knuckles, and said that while his friend was trying to help him, rocks were thrown at the two and curses were shouted at them.

Meanwhile, police are investigating whether an accident in which a 40-year-old Palestinian Arab was seriously injured was caused as a result of rocks or a stick being thrown at the vehicle by Jews traveling in the opposite lane.

The accident occurred on Allon Road, near the Palestinian Arab village of al-Mughayyir.

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