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In the present time, QR code technology emerges as an efficient tool for giving products and services a digital dimension. Most industries have used QR codes in a variety of ways to innovate their marketing campaigns and services.

QR codes were primarily used in 1994 by Denso Wave, an automotive company, to track automobiles throughout the manufacturing process. This small square image continues to evolve and is now revolutionizing our means because of its fast readability and larger storage capacity than the traditional barcodes.

Manufacturing is one of the big industries that has integrated QR codes into its operations and products. Due to the limitless opportunities the QR code technology can give, learn how the manufacturing industry takes advantage of its use of QR codes today.

Six Interesting ways to use QR codes in Manufacturing

Because of the flexible nature of QR codes, here are some creative and interesting ways how manufacturers integrate QR codes in their operations and products:

QR code Inventory System

QR code technology was originally invented for inventory management. Integrating QR Codes in your inventory system allows you to monitor the inventory levels, create components as per bill of materials, track production processes, and gather actual data in your warehouses. By just scanning the QR codes on the items or components, employees will be able to fill up an inventory form and send it to secure cloud storage that is accessible to authorized personnel only.

Using an online QR code generator with logo that has a bulk QR code generation feature, you can conveniently create QR codes in bulk with unique serial numbers.

QR code for Maintenance Tracking

Maintaining records for every piece of equipment in your company can be time-consuming, especially if you rely on paper records. Maintenance tracking can help you save money by allowing you to pay more attention to your organization's maintenance and replacement needs. QR inventory tags provide convenient and precise maintenance tracking, making maintenance tracking feasible and simple for large enterprises.

Incorporating QR codes into business letters and billing

In manufacturing, damages and mistakes in production may happen. You want to make the process of correcting errors as painless as possible for both you and the customer. Include a QR code on your business letters and bills that directs customers to your customer service website, where they can find contact information, user manuals, and return labels (if necessary).

QR codes for Production Instructions

Make the instructions available for employees in the production by using a PDF QR code and embed a digital copy of the instruction manuals. Employees will be able to get a copy of the instructions on their phones and conveniently study it during their break time. Owners or assigned personnel can update the instructions anytime so there's no need to print new ones and paste them into the production area.

QR codes for Employees Time Logs

As manufacturing companies require a lot of manpower, you can make the time logs easy for the employees. You can incorporate QR codes in their IDs that will automatically log their time in and out when scanned. You must have an attendance system for this to automate the time logs of employees.

QR codes in Product Label

Use QR codes in product labels to give more details about your products or allow consumers to follow your business on social media platforms. You can either redirect consumers to your website or your social media links.


Integrating QR codes in the manufacturing industry makes the overall production operations efficient. QR codes simplify the tracking of items, time logs, access to records and inventory, and marketing management.

With the availability of a QR code generator with logo software online, QR code technology is now dominating in different industries, and it is transforming our means of operation and marketing strategies.

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