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The "Rabbinical Center of Europe" (RCE) and the "European Jewish Association" (EJA) have for the third year, at the beginning of the month of Kislev, launched a cross-continental initiative that reached unprecedented proportions this year ahead of Hanukkah.

100,000 hanukiahs with candles, spinning tops, and an information leaflet on the essence of the holiday in English, French, German, Russian and Hebrew, were sent to dozens of Jewish communities in Europe in order to ensure that every Jew could light candles on Hanukkah.

This is an extensive and unprecedented logistical operation, supervised by the center's deputy director, Rabbi Yosef Beinhaker, together with the director of the BASSAD, Rabbi Yehuda Reichman, which included ordering tens of thousands of menorahs, packing them and sending them to European countries from a huge logistics center in Belgium.

"The goal is to spread the light of Hanukkah even in remote countries and cities across Europe," the organization explained.

The menorahs that arrive by the beginning of the Hanukkah holiday to their destination will be distributed in the congregations by the emissaries and rabbis of the"Rabbinical Center of Europe" and the "European Jewish Association" that operate in European countries throughout the year.

In order to ensure the arrival of the hanukiahs on time, the center's vice president, Rabbi Yosef Beinhacker, has in recent days closely and personally monitored their packaging at the huge logistics center in Belgium, and from there they were sent to many European countries.

The director of the Rabbinical Center of Europe, Rabbi Aryeh Goldberg, said that this is an extra special preparation for Hanukkah, he said, "Just as we have been dealing with all the Jewish needs of European Jews throughout the year, so now, in the run-up to Hanukkah, we have provided hundreds of thousands of menorahs that will illuminate the darkness in Europe."

The chairman of the center, Rabbi Menachem Margolin, said: "Despite the many difficulties involved in this preparation, we did our best to ensure that as many Jews as possible, in the most remote places, would be able to observe the important mitzvah of lighting Hanukkah candles."