Eisenbach vaad harabnim

"I'm right here, sweetie pie." Hinda Eisenbach, a young mother of 5, watched her son nervously pedal on his bicycle for the first time. As she watched him gain his footing, she bounced her daughter on her hip, and put a bandaid on her toddler's scraped knee. Like any mom, she was always there, with a kiss for any scratch, and a listening ear for any story.

This time, though, she was having trouble focusing. The doctors had just officially diagnosed her with cancer and she felt scared of what the future may hold.

For months, she did all the Mommy duties she could despite the nausea and exhaustion from chemo. Because for Hinda it didn't feel like work. Her Kids gave her so much joy, and she was their world. That's why they cried when Hinda had to pack her bags for a long hospital stay.

"I'll be back here soon," she comforted them, stroking their silken hair. With tremendous pain she said goodbye to her newborn and was admitted into the oncology unit.

The months that came after that were a blur of needles, surgeries, and sleep. Yet even as the drugs sedated her out of consciousness Hinda knew she could never be at peace without her kinderlach.

Imagine Hinda's pain last month when her face became so swollen and pale that her own babies could no longer recognize her.

This month, at 30 years old, Hinda Eisenbach did the one thing she promised she wouldn't: she passed away, and left her husband and five children forever.

Donations are being urgently collected to help continue what a mother's love might have given them: some comfort and security. A warm meal. Clothes for school. It will never be Hinda, but at least they won't be alone.


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