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"Online advertising is an inevitable necessity for every company and business”, explains Ilan Dror, founder and owner of Extra Digital. His statement is soundly based on facts and figures: "If, in past days, the online advertising market represented a minimal piece of the traditional advertising pie, today it represents nearly 33% of the advertising budgets of all companies and businesses.

One out of every three shekels of each business’s advertising budget is intended, from the outset, for online advertising and marketing, while among small and medium-sized businesses, the investment in online advertising is over 50% of their advertising budget, and in a numerous cases, most of the advertising budget is directed at various online marketing and advertising scenarios."

What has led to the significant growth of online advertising budgets?

"The continuous and constant growth of online advertising budgets," explains Ilan Dror, "stems primarily from the significant and distinct marketing advantages that every advertiser benefits from on each of the dedicated platforms across the web - advantages that simply did not exist in the era of traditional advertising, including the ability to accurately segment the target audience and directly access them in real time”.

The marketing advantages that Ilan Dror talks about are in fact what drive online marketing and advertising, with dedicated platforms such as Google and Facebook honing their relative advantages over traditional media (press, TV, billboards, etc.) and allowing the advertising sector to benefit from a wide range of professional tools that efficiently optimize their online marketing and advertising. "It’s important to note," says Ilan, "that the field of online advertising and marketing is a broad definition of a growing variety of actions and scenarios that can take place across the web, with Google and Facebook being a broad part of the platforms designed for this purpose."

Extra Digital, led by Ilan Dror, who is a renowned digital advertising and marketing experts in the local advertising market, was established in 2006. The company's professional services focus on every dedicated platform for online advertising and marketing purposes. "From the day the company was established", Ilan explains, "it was important for me and my partners to lead and steer the online advertising and marketing industry, so we established different service departments, each specializing in a different online advertising and marketing field as we know it today. These all-encompassing services include: Google's SEO department, Social Media department that specializes in social networks, Online Advertising department through the purchase of advertising space, Planning and Strategy department that specializes in characterizing marketing and online advertising needs, Digital PR department and Content and Creative department, which provides a creative solution to every marketing and advertising action across the web ".

Now, 15 years after its establishment, Extra Digital has about 30 staff members who are skilled experts in their field, from PPC and SEO experts in the worlds of promotion, through social media marketing experts, to people in Creative, programmers, and campaign managers. "Our team of experts", says Ilan "undergoes periodic and frequent in-service training

to closely study the changes and new technologies in each of the platforms designed for promotion, marketing, and advertising online. We make a point to stay abreast trends so we can provide our customers with the most effective, professional, comprehensive, and advanced solution".

I decided to advertise online, where do I start?

"In order to fully take advantage of all the benefits associated with online marketing and advertising ," Ilan explains, "it is of utmost importance to have a preliminary work process through which one can define the nature and goals of online advertising-marketing activities. This preliminary work process consists of analyzing the existing competitive environment and accordingly identifying and characterizing the relevant target audiences. This makes it possible to effectively find the different advantageous ways that are best used to reach these audiences.

This process is implemented by Extra Digital's team of experts and is based, among other things, on the professional and practical knowledge that we have acquired throughout our 15-years in the industry as well as various valuable databases that are available to us pertaining to the browsing habits of Internet users in Israel.

It is important for me to note that the work method we implement at Extra Digital allows each and every customer, at any budget, to navigate his way with great proven success when it comes to implementing marketing and advertising scenarios across the network. Our work method integrates different workstations that allow each advertiser to benefit from professional and personal guidance all the way."

Online digital marketing and advertising services:

And a variety of other digital marketing options

How do you know how to distribute your online advertising budget among different platforms?

"Distributing the online advertising budget, "Ilan explains, "must be done according to the overall budget available to the advertiser and in accordance with the findings of the preliminary review process through which the advertising goals, the type of marketing activity required, and the type of platform that can be used in order to achieve the goals are defined". It is important to note that the amount and distribution of the budget varies from one advertiser to another depending on the online competition that characterizes their business and services. In addition, there is a specific consideration with regard to the duration of the activity, when ongoing activities, such as SEO on Google or social networks, require a fixed budget throughout the year that can be separated from the budget intended for targeted campaign purposes throughout the year.

We, at Extra Digital, conduct a comprehensive review regarding the amount of budget required in order to implement marketing and advertising activities that that are consistent with the objectives and scope of the activity ".

From its inception in 2006 until today, Extra Digital is considered one of the top advertising agencies in the online advertising and marketing industry, with a client list that includes leading companies in the Israeli market alongside government and public bodies and small and medium businesses.

The company's services virtually cover and control all aspects of online advertising and marketing and are tailored to every advertiser who wants to ensure they get the most effective marketing and advertising solutions.

"I, and the Extra Digital team, welcome you to enjoy Extra professional services pertaining to implementing online marketing and advertising scenarios.

Our team’s knowledge, experience, and professional skills guarantee that you get the most focused, effective, and cost-effective solution over time.

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