The IDF's Gaza Division completed an extensive defense exercise, the military announced Wednesday.

The exercise simulated a variety of challenging defensive operational scenarios in order to examine the division's operational readiness and the way insights learned from Operation "Guardian of the Walls" have been implemented.

The exercise required quick action in the face of complex events while testing the division’s capabilities and examining the operational edge. Participating in the exercise with the Gaza Division were the Air and Ground Forces, Special Forces Units, the Intelligence Directorate, Community Security Duties, and the Israel Police. As part of the exercise, combat defensive procedures and protective operational plans were improved for the possibility of a future escalation. The exercise trained cooperation between the Field Intelligence Corps, the Israeli Air Force, the Intelligence Directorate, and Fire Support.

Commanding Officer of the Gaza Division, Brigadier General Nimrod Aloni stated: "The exercise examined the application of the insights learned from Operation ״Guardian of the Walls” in order to to preserve the successful thwarting of infiltrations into the country during the operation, in complex and challenging scenarios. During the exercise, the division’s forces operated throughout the area, practicing a variety of complex situations. The exercise is a culmination of the Gaza Division's preparations for a potential future campaign, in addition to a series of processes that have been carried out over the past few months designed to improve the division’s ability to fulfill its mission and protect the towns in the western Negev.