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US prosecutors are asking for a former Canadian Armed Forces reservist with white supremacist ties to receive a a 25-year prison term, CTV News reported.

Earlier in the year, Patrik Mathews, 28, pleaded guilty to four charges, including illegally transporting a firearm and obstruction of justice.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Windom called on U.S. District Court Justice Theodore Chuang to add a “terrorism enhancement” to the charges, stating that Mathews’ motives involved attacking federal officials and government facilities.

Mathews’ lawyer, Joseph Balter, denied that accusation, stating that his client never had the intention of committing terror acts and should only get 33 months in prison.

Mathews was arrested along with two Americans by the FBI in 2020 for allegedly speaking about assassinating the Jewish speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates and for planning other attacks.

Prosecutors are arguing that Mathews had ties to The Base, which the ADL describes as “a small militant neo-Nazi organization that emerged mid-2018 and is primarily active in the U.S.” and whose “members portray themselves as vigilante soldiers defending the ‘European race’ against a broken system that has been infected by Jewish values.”