Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a tool that has revolutionized industries across the globe. Companies have made use of AI to make their lives easier by reducing operational costs, to increase efficiency and to grow their revenue. The use of AI is steadily growing, as shown in a survey by PWC. This survey found that 25% of companies had been interested in, or had started adopting the use of AI.

Image caption: The CarExpert Experience Centre has been one of the companies riding the new AI wave. At a new, world first, brand agnostic new car space called the CarExpert Experience Centre, used AI to study and determine the behaviour of potential car buyers as they visited the centre.

AI and Cameras being used to understand consumers launched the ‘CarExpert Experience Centre’ in 2021 and operated from the Westfield Warringah Mall on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in Australia. This centre, which is a first of its kind, completed a 12-week trial period at the end of June.

The trial saw over 30,000 potential new car buyers walk through the doors to view, experience and test drive the 20 cars, from a range of different brands, at their retail space. This centre may sound just like a car dealership, but what made it unique was that it had no salespeople, there were vehicles from different brands, none of the cars were for sale and free independent experience advice was available.

New car buyers also had the option to book a free test drive where they could take the car of their choice on a self-chosen test route. The centre assisted individuals who were interested in purchasing a vehicle by referring them to their local dealer armed with the information they needed.

Image caption: The CarExpert Experience Centre at Westfield Warringah Mall used the centre as an opportunity to study the potential car buyer population. The CarExpert Experience Centre was equipped with a bespoke AI product. This AI product consisted of over 40 cameras spread across the centre.

The cameras were operational during the trial and relayed anonymous data on the more than 30,000 visitors that came through the retail space. This footage was then uploaded to the AI cloud as raw data. This data was then analyzed through a customised presentation layer which then graphically displayed the outcomes.

This data was used to determine the sex of the visitors, as well as their approximate ages. It also determined the walk-in rate, the time spent viewing a car and which cars were viewed by the individuals. The data gave a large range of insight into the behaviors of the individuals who visited the centre. It was found that the engagement for a specific SUV had increased by over 400% after the vehicle was changed from a red SUV to a white SUV. The data was also able to show which cars most younger women approached and which cars more mature people approached, as an example. co-founder Alborz Fallah explained that the data has a value beyond just knowing which colours to pick.

“The data we collected is extremely valuable to car manufacturers and their marketing agencies. It gives them an insight into what ‘real buyers’ are doing in-market and which cars they are cross-shopping. This information is key when marketing their new cars when understanding which other makes and models they need to target in advertising campaigns,” Fallah said. is one of Australia’s leading independent automotive online publishers and currently the fastest growing. also produces Australia’s most watched automotive YouTube review channel in Australia.

The company was founded in 2020 by the three founders, Paul Maric, Alborz Fallah and Anthony Crawford. They all come from different walks of life and bring different forms of experience and expertise to the company.

Image caption: founders Anthony Crawford, Alborz Fallah and Paul Maric (left to right)

Paul fled a war with his family to immigrate to Australia and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Swinburne University of Technology. Alborz was the founder of and Anthony has a Bachelor of Marketing from the University of Memphis. has goals to reinstate trust and transparency into the car content field. The website also offers informative and impartial car reviews, news and comparisons to be used by car buyers when buying a new car.

The bottom line

The use of AI to determine potential car buyer’s behaviour is a groundbreaking move made by The company, and car manufacturers that purchased this data now have detailed insight into potential car buyer’s behaviour and this can be used to grow their revenue by tailoring their offers and dealerships to suit the customers behaviours and preferences.

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