Dachau sign
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Two Finnish tourists made Nazi salutes at a memorial site to the Dachau concentration camp in Germany, Finland’s public broadcaster reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the incident took place on Sunday.

German police told local media that two Finnish men, aged 50 and 52, photographed each other making the salute in front of the memorial site's visitor center. A third man in their party also took photos of the incident, police added, before eyewitnesses reported to the police.

A police spokesperson told the media that the Finnish men admitted making the salute but said they meant it as a "joke". The tourists were believed to have been under the influence of alcohol at the time, the spokesperson added further.

The Finnish men said they were unaware that making the salute was a punishable offense in Germany.

All three men involved have been given lifetime bans from the memorial site, according to the report.

Germany has strict laws on hate speech and symbols linked to Hitler and the Nazis.

In 2017, German police arrested two Chinese tourists for making illegal "Heil Hitler" salutes in front of the historic Reichstag building.

Berlin police officers said they detained the two men, aged 36 and 49, after they were seen striking the Nazi-era pose and photographing each other with their mobile phones.