Mikva in Har Nof (illustrative)
Mikva in Har Nof (illustrative) Flash90

What is the "Tevila by all means" project? Aimed at all Jewish women, it began when coronavirus fears led to a lessening of observance of ritual family purity laws and a few idealistic young Israeli women decided to do something about it..

Although the pandemic gave rise to this special project, its importance is not at all limited to this period of corona and it is of utmost significance for Jewish women everywhere and at every time.

The mikva unearthed in Vilna
The mikva unearthed in Vilna Jon Seligman, Israel Antiquities Authority

Mikvas found at archaeological sites and the writings of Jewish women through the ages attest to the supreme importance of this mitzva - one of the three mitzvas commanded especially to women- challah (putting aside part of the dough used for baking bread), lighting Shabbat candles and ritual purity immersion - in preserving the purity of the Jewish family and the holiness and happiness of the Jewish home.

Watch the story of the project

Watch the two part story of courageous women who braved Soviet repression and found the way to continue mikva immersion.

This is one example of the many stories that will find their way into the hearts and souls of Jewish women if the project is able to continue to film and translate them as it has done up to now.

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