MK Ali Salalha (Meretz) spoke to Arutz Sheva on Monday and said he understands why the right is having a hard time accepting the meeting between the leaders of his party and Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

"I believe in peace and Meretz believes in peace. We have an ideology that peace is better than hating and killing each other. We must talk to the Palestinians, because if I do not get to know the other side, it will always be a stranger to me. If we talk, we can see positive sides and be closer," said Salalha.

In his opinion, painful issues like paying salaries to terrorists should also be discussed with the Palestinians. "We need to put all the things on the table and tell Abbas about the things that are negative in our mind. He will put the negative things he sees on the table and we will talk about it. Abbas does not pose any danger to the State of Israel. There are serious disagreements but peace agreements can be reached."

At the same time, Salalha stressed that the members of Meretz were not officially sent to Ramallah by the government in any way. "I do not think the meeting was held on behalf of the government or state, but rather a group of people with values from Meretz who thought this meeting would thaw the stalemate and hatred."

Salalha said he sees the model of the current government as the basis for any future coalition. "This is a very interesting time because in this government there is right, center, left and Arabs. I think in the end everyone gets along well and there is a dialogue between them. We need to get used to something new in the Israeli discourse and politics that stems from this government."