With the return of the Knesset to full capacity, MK Attorney Simcha Rotman of the Religious Zionism Party said that what you can expect from his party is to “prevent some of the bad ideas coming from the coalition.”

During the break the Knesset was still working on important issues involving religion and state, he explained.

“The main issue is… the coalition this week is facing a challenge [on] the immigration law. This law needs to prevent the illegal infiltrators coming to Israel. Also Palestinians using their so-called right of return. Through the term family reunion they’re actually getting right of return, they’re bringing into Israel many more Palestinians than Jewish coming [through aliyah].”

Does he feel that any real cooperation could occur?

“We’re talking about a government where so called right wing people formed it with terror supporters. But I hope whatever is left of the right wing ideology will triumph over the politics.”

He added: “I hope they will choose the safety of the State of Israel. The State of Israel needs to be the homeland of the Jewish people. If we will have so many people coming through so-called family reunion [it will change] the face of Israel.”

Violence that occurred in mixed cities during Operation Guardian of the Walls was one of the outcomes, he said.

“Many people that were involved in those events are in Israel through so-called family reunion. They’re actually Palestinians that came to Israel and they acted during the Guardian of the Walls as enemies from within. And this has to stop. We need to stop it together, coalition and opposition.”

The immigration basic law he proposed is almost “to the letter” the same as what Minister of Interior Ayelet Shaked had promised to pass.

“I hope that it will pass this week on Wednesday. I can’t say I'm optimistic but I really hope they will prefer the security of the State over politics," Rotman said.

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