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One really has to wonder what is it about Big Tech companies, social media companies and large commercial and industrial companies that is driving them to support the Democrats and their controversial socialist policies and agenda and display controls way beyond their station.

Companies, in theory, are supposed to be profit driven. Have we reached a situation that these large companies and their oligopolies or even monopolies feel and believe they are impervious to whatever they do and are the political likes and dislikes of their chief executives and main shareholders such that their business decisions are politically driven? How can major commercial and industrial companies support a socialist agenda that has proven itself over and over again a failure?

If it’s the profit motive, do the large manufacturing companies look at China as a cheap and more economic country to manufacture their goods? Does China offer something in addition a large market? Do they have any sort of patriotism in them and an awareness of the bigger picture and threats that China is increasingly displaying? Do they have any care of what happens to the USA?

Does America really want to follow an agendized Obama’s policy to emulate a socialist Europe and everything that it implies and isn’t America?

The question we should put to these chief executives of commerce and industry is, would you hire Joe Biden? Discount any political influence. Would you hire Joe Biden now or in earlier years knowing what you know about him and his abilities? The answer as we all know, if they are truthful, would be a resounding NO! Yet they made him the chief executive of the United States. Go figure.

The dangers to America with the virtual monopolies of Facebook and Twitter to cut off and censor a sitting President and get away with it truly boggle the mind.
What is the benefit to these people in supporting Biden and the Democrats and is it a fear that a Republican administration and possibly another term of Donald Trump or another Republican will rein them in? Trump was good for American business, for the earnings of its citizens and these companies, which translated into a good and booming economy, for it energy independence and so many other things including reducing America’s NATO burden by forcing its European partners to correctly pay their way. Add to this the possibility of reducing America’s foreign debt and the benefits that will bring.

Trump was in reality a businessman exactly as these kings of commerce and industry are and his decisions were logic and common sense based and applied in the same manner as they would do and devoid of destructive ideology.

On a personal level, bolstered by their secure financial cocoons, they didn’t have to like Trump, but voting and financially supporting a known and acknowledged vacuous fool with a lifetime record of achieving absolutely nothing who openly declared tax increases that would substantially affect their bottom line is a major question. Biden was obviously compromised with Ukraine, Russia and China.

These executives may have swallowed the Democrat propaganda and dishonest nonsense with the Russia Hoax and other Democrat dirty tricks and disinformation including Obama’s illegal spying on Trump from the time he first put his name forward, lies by the Hillary Clinton campaign and more. The two impeachments of Trump were ridiculous, obvious and political theatre, yet allegedly sane people supported this great injustice.

The dangers to America with the virtual monopolies of Facebook and Twitter to cut off and censor a sitting President and get away with it truly boggle the mind. I think these companies will be forced to break up and be cut down to size as soon as the Republicans regain the House and Senate and definitely should be. Anti-Trust legislation has done this before and there is plenty of precedent.

It is obvious that Biden, idiot he has always been, is no longer the man he was a few years ago. You only have to note the slowness of his speech, its indecipherability and compare it to an earlier Biden. Nevertheless, I think Biden does have some lucid moments and his insistence on the withdrawal from Afghanistan may have been such a moment. However “lucid” Biden may have been, it was pure stupidity and a debacle that will echo over and over again in history.

Everything Biden has done since his inauguration, including his immediate executive actions to cancel what Trump had done, has been disastrous. The southern border crisis is more than dangerous from many aspects including the health threats, drugs, gangsters, terrorists and COVID. The enormous “infrastructure” budget is more than ridiculous, it is also a gargantuan scam in support of Democrat pet schemes and projects and will severely damage the US economy and with a mere 10% or less going to actual infrastructure improvement.

So what is motivating Biden? Apart from worthless bleeding heart mumbo jumbo speeches designed to appeal to the ignorant, his obvious family interests, what is motivating him? I doubt in many ways he is his own person. He cannot hold a proper and full press conference and has to be rescued or he walks away. Have any of you heard anything that sounds like he wishes to strengthen the US economy, its armed forces, it citizens? Has he done anything to do so?

How can obvious ignoramuses and agendised, inexperienced members of Congress such as “the Squad” influence and appear to control the Democrat Party?

Where are the longer serving and experienced member of that party? What is it with Pelosi and Schumer that they tolerate these people within their party?

I understand that these younger women of the Squad are currently media “darlings”, but this will and must come to an end. With the Midterms in 2022 they probably will no longer be part of the ruling party and be cut down to size and their involvement in the Congress’ sub-committees will be severely curtailed, that is assuming they are re-elected at the Midterms. I have no doubt they will be controlled and limited by the Republicans. This will be the beginning of disempowering them and sending them to Coventry.

For the Americans and others who do not know this expression, to send someone to Coventry is an English idiom meaning to deliberately ostracize someone. Typically, this is done by not talking to them, avoiding their company, and acting as if they no longer exist. Victims are treated as though they are completely invisible and inaudible. This is precisely what the Squad deserves and will receive. They will be soundless voices in the wilderness.

Pelosi is way passed her sell-by date and her arrogance currently knows no bounds.
I suspect that what Biden and his Obama apparatchiks have achieved and what is awaiting them next November, is a major backlash. This will not be limited only to Republican supporters. There are many who voted Democrat who are also feeling the pinch and frustration and can clearly see the debacles that have followed each other rapidly since Biden took over. No members of Biden’s Obama administration have covered themselves in the slightest glory or really achieved anything.

Pelosi is way passed her sell-by date and her arrogance currently knows no bounds. Schumer is potentially going to be challenged by AOC, in her over-ambitious arrogance and conceit, but she will not succeed. A youthful pretty-ish face can get you so far and no further. Schumer will go back to the opposition, which is what he deserves. Actually he deserves to no longer be a senator. He too is nearing his sell-by date. Obama’s influence will finally dissipate with the losses in Congress and Biden becoming a lame duck

If America is to be saved and remain America and the Shining city on the hill, the Democrats have to be removed from power and kept as far away from it as possible.

It should be clearly understood that the Democrats are absolutely ruthless and determined and it is time the Republicans cast aside their naiveté and realised that this is actually a war. Just look at the disgusting undeserved nonsense that recently came out from the Democrats in California against Larry Elder in the gubernatorial recall against Gavin Newsom. This was no different to the dirty tricks the Democrats excelled at against Trump.

There is much under the Democrats that remains unanswered. Why has nothing been heard or any court case against the individuals arrested during the 6 January 2021 illegal entry into the Capital building? They are all still languishing in jail, is this justice? I certainly don’t think so. Why has an enquiry around these events not been conducted and why did Pelosi instruct the Capital police who wanted reinforcements not be allowed to do so? As long as Pelosi holds the reins of the Speaker and the Democrats the majority, we are not going to get any results or real information. American democracy is certainly under attack from the misnamed Democrats.

May this terrible period soon pass with as little damage to a great country as possible and may the champions of their industries and commerce stick to their last.

David Hersch is Chairman of SAIPAC, the South African Israel Public Affairs Committee. Former chairman of the South African Zionist Federation (Cape Council) as well as a former national vice-chairman of the South African Zionist Federation (SAZF). He is also former member of the South Jewish Board of Deputies (Cape Council). Retired businessman and broadcaster.